Support Our Regional Trail Stewards

Trails exist all over, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re accessible to all forms of recreation and travel. It takes a lot of love and a lot of work to obtain trail access for mt. bikers, to create new trails and most of all to maintain trails over time. Since 1998, Northwest Trail Alliance has been striving for Portland-area trail access. They were instrumental in the foundation of two new trails systems: Gateway Green and Sandy Ridge.

Over the years the organization has lived varied lives, with different leaders at the helm, various goals and a plethora of projects. But their mission has remained true: help get more people on the trails, on bikes.

The Northwest Trail Alliance Fall Membership Drive is underway and this is a great time to join or renew your membership. Their goal is to reach 2,000 members this year through individual and family memberships.

In the greater Portland area, Northwest Trail Alliance volunteers have helped make many trails happen. They have tamped down berms from Sandy Ridge to Scappoose and built new singletrack from Gateway Green to the Gifford Pinchot. The passion their volunteers and members exude is evidentĀ in these impressive efforts.

Membership is what powers this grassroots organization’s efforts like trail building, social rides, Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day and trail advocacy efforts. NWTA is a strong organization founded on a strong base of partnerships with local land managers, elected officials, the bike industry and boots-on-the-dirt volunteers.

Your membership support will allow them to realize the many respectable trail goals they have for the upcoming year, and will help keep mt. biking strong in the region.


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