Tandem Lovers Unite!

NW TANDEM RALLY | July 1-4 – Klamath Falls

The new rallying cry for Klamath Falls is “Meet me in Klamath!” and it’s no wonder why. With a wealth of outdoor recreational activities, Klamath Falls is the perfect host for the four day NW Tandem Rally, an event that travels to a new location every year.

Klamath Falls is rolling out the red carpet for tandem lovers from all over the country who will descend upon Oregon for this fun event. Pedal through the Lava Beds National Park, Tulelake Wildlife Refuge, take a day to explore some of
the 600 caves, bird watch, scream down a zipline, challenge yourself with an optional ride around Crater Lake, enjoy banquet dinners and much more.

If you love riding a tandem bike or you’re curious what the hype is all about, this is a fantastic way to get to know more about the culture behind this unique riding style. Tandem riders all have their personal reasons for choosing to ride coupled. For some, mis-matched riding paces mean a couple or close friends don’t get to ride together as smoothly and a tandem helps them stay together. For others, one rider has an injury or limitation and the other rider can help compensate, such as with better eye site or a stronger body.

Some tandem bikes are outfitted with a recumbent style front for people with limitations, but a standard configuration on the bike. Others allow for a very tall rider on the front and a very short rider on the back – even allowing for kids to pedal with a parent.

It’s rather fascinating to find out just why people go tandem and at this event you’ll get to know a huge crew of them.


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