The Best Bike Pumps

Not all bike pumps are created equal. I discovered this when an old housemate moved out, took my dual-direction pump and left his cruddy generic behind. Seven years later I’m still using that pump. And no, just because it lasted does not make it a good pump. I have to fight to disconnect from the valve, the connection is finicky and the gauge doesn’t work. Plus, it’s shraeder only and I’ve got presta. Yes, I have the adapters but… what a pain.

Am I being unreasonably difficult here? I don’t think so. I think everyone who rides regularly deserves a great pump – one that connects smoothly, disconnects without nicking up the knuckles, gauges accurately and *gasp* doesn’t fall over all the time.

Full potentially embarrassing disclosure: I’ve been dreaming of such a bike pump for years but I haven’t done anything about it. I also air up my tires less often than I should because of the hassle factor.

Now I’m ready to make the leap forward, to make airing up my tires a quick and rewarding task that doesn’t make me late for my appointments.

There are floor pumps, portable mini pumps and all sorts of varieties within the two styles.

The question is, what is that magic pump I seek?

What is your favorite floor pump? Share your thoughts here and help me select the best one as my birthday gift to myself (June 19th).

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