The Best GPS Systems

GPS units and phone apps are a great way to track all sorts of data, from heart rate to calories burned, and of course the route you’re riding.

How to Choose a GPS Unit

Choosing a GPS unit isn’t easy. A lot of brands and styles are available. Garmin has quickly risen as a bike-friendly company that makes a solid product that’s easy to use.

Tracking Your Route Online

If you’re using an online mapping service, like Ride with GPS, which ORbike recommends, the Garmin-brand GPS units will integrate nicely with this service. You can download the route you plan to ride and upload your just-completed route to analyze the data and share with others.

Using an App With the iPhone

Do you use a route-tracking app with your iPhone? What is your favorite? Are there any stripped down versions that don’t bother with heart rate and related data, but instead focus on the route?

Share Your Ideas

But what if you don’t want all the bells and whistles? Let’s say you only want to track your route. What systems are out there? This is where we come to you, our dedicated readers. Tell us your experience with simplistic and complex GPS systems. What do you like, what’s a hassle, what doesn’t work and what’s a must-have feature?

Share your ideas in the comments below.

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