The Importance of Proper Running Footwear

Running shoes are important to any type of runner.  If you are first time running who just read about the best fitness tips for moms from your favorite parenting blog, or if you are a seasoned runner, you need good shoes–period!


You are likely to be wearing these shoes frequently, at extended periods of time and sometimes in challenging conditions or ruffed terrains and as such, an investment in a good pair of running shoes is imperative. A good pair of running shoes can be pricey, but they don’t have to break the bank. We’ve outlined below precisely why choosing a pair of good running shoes is such an important decision.


To ensure comfort during your run

Feet come in all different shapes and sizes. That’s not just talking about the particular shoe size but other aspects and traits that vary from one individual to another. For example, those with wide set feet are going to find themselves experiencing some problems and discomfort down the line if they try and force themselves into a regular width shoe that is too much of a tight fit. Similarly, different people have different arches in their feet and so they may require different levels of padding and support. Fortunately, running shoe brands are very aware of these variances and as such, you will be able to find a model for virtually every type of foot, across each brand. The store assistants that work in stores which supply running shoes are generally quite knowledgeable about people’s specific needs so don’t hesitate to consult with them when making a purchase. It is better to buy products from a reputable brand such as Nike or Adidas. With these, their reputation precedes them and as such you can feel confident that you are getting a quality product without breaking the bank.


To prevent injury

If you choose not to invest in a proper running shoe, and instead opt for buying a cheap alternative type of exercise footwear then you are likely to come into some problems down the line. Sneakers, plimsolls and walking shoes do not offer the support and flexibility that you need for runs and as such, you are more prone to injuries if you do not make the investment into a proper, high quality running shoe.


To avoid blisters and other small irritations

If you buy a cheap pair of shoes, or you so do not carefully select a pair of running shoes that are well suited to your feet then aside from serious injuries, you will be prone to other undesirable side effects on your feet. For example, if your shoes are too tight – either in terms of width or at the front where your toes are, the material of the shoe is likely to rub against your feet, chafing them and causing blisters, bunions,  and other irritations that can make your run an agonizing experience.


To protect those with a history of sustaining injuries

If you have experience injuries in the past, regardless of how serious or minor they may be, there is every possibility of that injury raising it’s ugly head again when you start running if you are not mindful of providing your feet with the support and cushioning you need. Discussing your previous problems with a knowledgeable shop assistant can help you to identify the perfect model.


To ensure support

The perfect running shoe should accommodate your feet perfectly. You should feel no discomfort during extended wears. The shoes should be snug and your feet should fit inside them well, without being too tight.

Any small irritation that you feel at the point of trying on the shoes in store (i.e. they feel a little tight around the edges or at the top) are only going to be magnified when you go out on a run. If you find that your shoes are too tight (or to the other hand too loose and your feet are slipping around inside them) then not only does that make you more susceptible to injuries and minor irritations, it will actually hinder your running performance and distract your focus.


To accommodate for expansion

Have you ever noticed how your feet can swell up slightly over the course of a day? The extent of this varies on the individual but it’s very likely that this will occur to your feet after a running session. As such, a flexible, lightweight running shoe will accommodate for this, rather than feeling restrictive and uncomfortable.


To ensure durability

It’s true when people say that nothing lasts forever but you want to ensure that you are getting sufficient use out of your running shoes. If you opt for a very cheap pair of shoes, only for them to become damaged and fall apart after a few running sessions and for you to have to replace them then that was a wasted investment. A good pair of running shoes should last you up to 400 miles of use.. They may seem like an expense at first, but ultimately this is the more economical choice, since they offer you more longevity and durability.

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