The Quietest Ride Around

It’s quiet here.

May 25+26 – Tulelake, CA

(Just outside of Klamath Falls)

The Art of Survival Century is a world away from the daily grid, the chaos, hum, buzz and cacophony of daily life. Out here, things are different. Roads are paved, some are gravel, and all of them snake through an otherworldly landscape with Lava Beds, petroglyphs and birdlife that calls this their favorite place to feel safe. Mt. Shasta watches over you at every turn.

Ride Options

DAY 1: Road or Mt. Bike
DAY 2: Gravel (30% gravel and amazing tucked-away routes)
DAY 3: Explore on your own

Three optional days, ride one day or two, explore as much as you want.

Make a Weekend of it!

This ride is the perfect Memorial Day weekend getaway! A little exploration, a little bike riding….

Nicely nestled near everything! Depending on where you’re coming from and where you’re going afterward, Tulelake is on the way to or from Bend, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe, Oakridge, Summer Lake Hot Springs, Ashland, Mt. Shasta and so much more.

Camping and Ride Family

We particularly love that this event provides on-site camping. That means you can roll out of bed and roll on over to the start line, which is a dream come true for those of us who like to sleep in as late as possible!

After the ride, groups gather under the the shade of the trees as they tell tales from the road, share beers and settle in to their home for the weekend.

This isn’t one of those events where hundreds of people descend upon a location and take over for the weekend. The Art of Survival Century is a small ride, where riders get to know each other. And things are quiet and camp.

It is really, truly, a lovely experience. Well worth the journey to this tucked-away location.

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