Tips for Crushing it on Bike Scout

Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt is a game, on two wheels, on the streets of Portland, and it’s no ordinary scavenger hunt.

The event is limited to only 30 teams, known as troops, so the competition of fierce and fun. Groups of bikers will be weaving through sector of Portland to hunt for treasures, conquer challenges and document experience on this strategy-based game.

Simply making it to the finish line or checking off all the items on the list is not enough. We’re giving you some insider tips for how to get ahead in this fun game.


Tips for Winning Bike Scout

  • Bonus points are an essential way to win this game – find all the opportunities you can to earn them, starting with anything that can be accomplished in advance.
  • Follow @BikeScoutScavengerHunt on Instagram for opportunities to earn bonus points before the event.
  • Instagram pics of your troop getting ready for the hunt. You can earn up to 12 points for posting with the hash tag #BikeScout. Be sure to screen shot your posts to claim your points with the judges at the finish line.
  • Troop spirit counts for a lot. There are generous points for both the Best Troop Theme and Best Individual Costume. Be bold and have fun.
  • Ensure the judges know how awesome your theme is. It’s a good idea to showcase your glitz and glam to them. In 2014, one participant brought a treasure chest of vintage Girl Scout accessories to accompany her outfit. She spent time showcasing the personal relics to the judges – and she took home the Best Individual Costume prize.
  • Take your time at the beginning. As soon as the manifests are released, your troop will have a chance to review them, ask questions, make a plan of attack and potentially take some Challenge Cards for additional points. Once you’re on the street, you’ll want to be efficient and fast, not trying to make decisions. This advance time is key.
  • Challenge Cards are a great way to rack up some serious points, but if you don’t complete the challenge you will be docked the value of the card. Some Challenge Cards are simple, others are complex or might require additional riding. Choose how many you take wisely – there’s no returning cards once you’ve picked (randomly) from the pile.
  • Relax, and have fun! Above all, Bike Scout is a game and it’s really a lot of fun. Scouts who come back year to year have an advantage in strategy, planning and making the most of this fun day.

What You Can Win

Bike Scout offers generous prizes for the winning troop and for a few winning categories, such as Best Troop Theme. The prize packs are valued at $200-$500, but really that’s not that goal here. Bike Scout is all about bragging rights, fame and glory. There’s also a very cool Troop Trophy, a custom creation that is assembled every year by artist and coordinator (aka Scout Master) Matt Stefanik.

How Will You Scout?

Are you scouting? What’s your troop theme? Have you participated in the past? What’s the key to success? Share your thoughts below.

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