Tips for Riding Tour de Lab

The hilarious Tour de Lab ride is coming up on September 7. Make the most of this fun-loving ride with these tips.

Choose your course wisely

There is a hilly course and a flat, short route. It’s totally okay to choose the short, flat one and just have fun.

Bring friends

Riding a goofy ride like Tour de Lab is so much better when all your buddies are along for the day.

Come in costume

There are prizes for the best dressed and of course the opportunity to have your photo taken all day long. Things dogs chase (mail carrier, cat) and dogs themselves are all common themes we’ve seen over the years.

Bring your camera, have fun

Take pictures, relax and enjoy the day. #TourDeLab is the hash tag. Plan for ample time to enjoy the course and have fun with your friends.

Ride Details

Sunday, September 7

Puppy Dog Route: 19 flat miles >>
Big Dog Route: 41 hilly miles >>

Event opens: 8am
Big Dog route opens: 9am
Puppy route opens: 10am

Cost: $37.50 or recruit three riders and YOU ride free!

Website >>

TIP: Save $5 when you pick up a coupon at select locations

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