Tool Kit Fever

As we begin to ride more and nour bicycle adventures take us farther from home – and farther from our friendly neighborhood bicycle shop – it’s important to be prepared. A handy little solution to keep prepared along the route is a roll-up tool kits.

Etsy, the online shop where people can sell their independently created goods, seems to be ground zero for these little bundles of preparation. A few sellers offer kits that come complete with tools or empty if you already own a set. Tool rolls are compact: perfect for slipping into your jersey, backpack or picnic basket. You’ll finally have your tools in one place and won’t find yourself rummaging around at the bottom for a bike bag to find tire levers when the time comes to fix a flat.

Portland based BikeCozy is my favorite, with an array of colorful kits made of durable canvas. Ehworks’ Morpha Tool Kit ranks a close second with their sophisticated functionality.

If you are more of a DIY kind of person, you could always take a whack at making your own kit. Instructables teaches you how to make a tool roll out of old tubes.
Now you can be prepared… in style.

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