Training for Cycle Oregon

Cycle Oregon: That epic week-long adventure that only the strongest of riders will conquer. No, wait, scratch that. Cycle Oregon may be epic, but it is certainly for everyone. If you’re already riding 30 and 40 miles at a stretch, you can undoubtedly get yourself ride ready by September.

A Special Ride

We love Cycle Oregon, a special ride that gives participants form all over the world the opportunity to explore the rural landscape of Oregon while supporting small towns that greatly benefit from the event. The routes are extremely well chosen, the scenery is consistently breathtaking, all your needs are expertly catered to and the camaraderie is always fantastic.

Hell on Wheels

This year’s route explores the Hells Canyon/Wallowas region of eastern Oregon. So far east, in fact, that the ride dips into Idaho for a day. You’ll soak in stunning scenery as you follow the thundering path forged by the Snake River.

ORbike Training Tips

You’ve got this.

With day after day of riding, mileage anywhere between 44 and 85 miles (unless you opt for the longer routes) and elevation of 1,500-6,900 feet (totally worth it for the striking Hells Canyon Overlook) Cycle Oregon can seem overwhelming to a first time rider, but it doesn’t have to be.

Start small. With a little progress every few weeks, by September you’ll be 100% ride ready to not only crush those climbs, but relax in the saddle, enjoy the views, laugh with your friends and stop to take pictures.

We’ll be with you every pedal stroke of the way – starting today and taking you all the way through the ride. Our training tips and expert advice are broken down into digestible, conquerable, segments.

Tip #1: Start Now

It’s winter, but here in Oregon not really. You may not be accustomed to riding your bike much this time of year, and that’s okay. Starting to prepare for Cycle Oregon doesn’t have to mean training rides every weekend, in fact you’ll benefit from a variety of non-bike activities to strengthen your core and give you the foundation you need to rock this ride.

  • Cross Train: Yoga, spinning, boot camps, pilates and even stretching daily will help keep you limber and strong. Aim for three days a week of cross training, and at least one day of riding your bike more than 10 miles to keep those legs spinning.
  • Improve your diet: Stock your house with whole grains, lean protein and healthy snacks like nuts. Make a large batch of quinoa or lentils on Sunday, then use that in your dishes most of the week. Keep the junk food and heavier options out of the house and you’ll be a-okay to indulge when you’re out with your friends.
  • Explore how your body reacts to certain foods: Truly listen to your body and begin to understand what foods work best to fuel your ride. Cycle Oregon provides a wide variety of healthy options every day, and knowing which foods do you right will help you feel strong and healthy throughout the ride.
  • Reward yourself and indulge: If you’ve been reading ORbike for a while, you know what big fans we are of rewards. Work hard, reward yourself. Eat well and enjoy those treats. It’s all about the balance, and now is the time to dial that in.

How do you train?

Have you ridden Cycle Oregon or a similar multi-day ride? What do you do to ensure you’re ride ready? Share your tips in the comments below.

We’re running a series of Cycle Oregon Training Tips all season long. Cycle Oregon’s week-long ride is September 12-19 and the weekend ride is July 10-12. Sign up today at

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