Upper Body Thank You

Going the distance? Your legs are the only part of your body that will get an extreme workout.


Strengthening your upper body is important to allow you to endure a distance ride. The pressure exerted on your arm muscles can be surprisingly intense, even with a slightly upright road bike and good riding technique.

Yoga, holding plank poses, push ups, weights and simply carrying heavier items and working in the garden are all great ways to give your upper body the workout it needs to prep for those miles and fight fatigue.


What routine you follow to work your upper body depends on your personal preferences. The goal is to find a routine you love and will stick with. Or at least you like it well enough, or it’s convenient. Try different options until you discover what works for you, and it’s okay to mix it up along the way. You might find that classes work well, weighted routines are the key, or simply being more active around the house with yard work and projects.


Here are a few programs we like that and might work for you.

Arm Yourself
A weight- and press-based routine from Bicycling Magazine.

Toned Arms With Yoga
A series of three poses to build biceps.

10 Best Arm Moves
Fitness Magazines showcases slides for 10 different routines to build your arms.

Yoga for Arm Strength
Tips for building arm strength through yoga.


What do you do to ensure your upper body is strong and you can maintain endless miles on your bike? Weigh in below.

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