It’s time for a change.

  • Because swoopy cyclist logos are everywhere, they’re generic and out of date.
  • Because century rides get a bum rap. Bicycling Magazine (who, of all publications, should know better…) doesn’t understand them and thinks all century rides are “charity rides” (another outdated term, though we love rides that raise funds for good causes!). Others discount them, as if riding 100 miles is not a significant undertaking.
  • Because we can do better. Bicycle riding – in recreation, culture and daily use – has evolved. It’s time for our language and attitude around it to evolve, too.
  • Because we’re tough. We’re strong. We’re fun.

And so we ride HUNDOS.
And, sure, why not capitalize it? After all, HUNDOS are awesome, worth bragging and shouting about.

Hit the Road

What’s the next ride on your calendar? Hash tag it #hundo.

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