Wear the Jersey! Restore the Gorge!

The Columbia Gorge is a beloved place for so many reasons, most of which revolve around the boundless beauty of the natural environment. The region is home to dense lush forests, striking mountain views, the Mighty Columbia (the largest river by volume in the US), gushing waterfalls, endless hiking trails, supreme mt. biking, perfect ribbon roads of farmland serenity….

Eagle Creek Fire Damage

Long after the Eagle Creek wildfire has fully smoldered, this designated National Scenic Area will be forever changed. It is going to take extensive work to assess the damage then repair and re-open popular destinations like the Angle’s Rest hiking trail.

Restore the Gorge – This Jersey Saves Trees!

One bike jersey at a time.

Portland Jerseys, in partnership with ORbike, wants to aid these important rehabilitation efforts. For every one of their Columbia Gorge jerseys sold, they will donate $20 to Friends of the Columbia Gorge for restoration efforts.

On top of that, Portland Jerseys always plants a tree for every jersey sold.

Buy the Jersey Today!

Wear your Gorge-ous jersey with pride and know you are one of the people restoring the Columbia Gorge.

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    1. Hi Martha – Yes, we are! The jerseys are sold through Portland Jerseys. Please use the link above – it has been updated. THANKS!

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