Weigh In on New Options for North Tualatin Mountains

NW Trail Alliance wants you input on an expanded opportunities for people to enjoy and explore the North Tualatin Mountains.

From their most recent newsletter:

Last fall our partner in recreation, Metro, initiated a land use process with Multnomah County. This is an important step in delivering on the plan to offer a parking area, trailhead and about five miles of new trails at Burlington Creek Forest. Metro hopes to obtain approval from the county early next year and break ground for trails as soon as summer 2019.

Please review Metro’s application and provide comment to Multnomah County on the project here.

Comments from mountain bikers like you, supporting Metro’s application will help ensure this project comes to fruition!

A few highlights to consider including in your comments could be:

  • Metro is recommending trails optimized for off-road cycling to meet the existing and growing demand for this type of nature based recreation and it’s important to provide a variety of opportunities for people to experience nature in different ways
  • Throughout the planning process, Metro has taken an approach based in science and shaped by community input that ensures healthy habitats and provides meaningful experiences.
  • With careful planning, it’s possible to create opportunities for people to enjoy nature while also protecting it. Well-designed and constructed trails will limit habitat impacts by minimizing erosion and stream crossings, by providing corridors for wildlife to move, and by leaving the canopy intact.
  • The shared trails will be family friendly and designed for beginning and intermediate riders. Northwest Trail Alliance will be a key partner for Metro in the maintenance and monitoring of these trails.
  • Make sure to share a brief story of why you enjoy cycling on soft surface trails and how you, your friends and your family connect to nature.
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