Wheels of Justice

Portland-based law firm Swanson, Thomas, Coon and Newton commissioned a scales of justice bike rack that was installed for public use outside their downtown office. The rack signifies the firm’s commitment to fighting for justice for their clients, many of whom include cyclists, and captures the firm’s passion for cycling as sustainable transportation. With capacity for four bikes, the rack serves as a striking piece of functional city street art.

Attorney Ray Thomas has long been fighting for the rights of cyclists – since the 70’s when he was the lone voice promoting that people on bikes had a legal right to the road. Ray’s Know Your Rights clinics are offered in partnership with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to help people understand how road rules apply to when the vehicle is a bike. You can find these listed periodically on the ORbike calendar.

In 2013 Swanson, Thomas, Coon and Newton also released a rules of the road deck of cards.

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