Winter Training

Winter can really take a toll on you, physically. If one of your primary reasons to ride is that you enjoy being fit and healthy, the rain of Oregon winters does not have to be a deterrent.

Now is a good time of year to mix up your routine. That could mean you’re actually on your bike on the road less often, but maybe you’re out there for longer each time. You might not be commuting as much, but perhaps you’re taking advantage of the rare clear days to indulge in a long ride. If the weather isn’t conducive to long days of riding, maybe you pack more of a punch into each ride by taking the more challenging route, intentionally climbing additional hills and working on your form.

You should also consider cross training. Indoor stretch-and-strength classes like Pilates, yoga and core strength classes can be an excellent way to work on your central strength and keep your muscles loose through the winter.

In short, cold and rainy weather don’t have to mean you’re going to pack on the pounds as you lounge on the couch. A certain amount of winter laziness can be a nice respite, but it doesn’t have to be your daily routine.

Share your story! Tell us what you do to stay healthy through the winter.

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