Wish You Were Here CONTEST!

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A jury of ORbikers will select the grandest adventures and most creative postcards to receive big prizes in this fun summer contest from ORbike.

#1 – A Party Pack to Tour de Lab – September 8

You and four of your friends will ride bikes across the city as you hop along a pub tour of all four Lucky Lab Brew Pubs. Free beer, snacks, lunch, pint glasses and dog noses are included. The ride benefits DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. [more info]

#2 – A year-long membership to Portland Bike Club

Save on events all year long with your club membership that supports every aspect of your bike lifestyle. Ride discounts, gear deals, restaurant and pub offerings and more. Once you’re in the club, you’ll ride like a king. [more info]


2013 is the summer of bike travel. Companies like Swift Industries have found their niche crafting the perfect bag for travel by bike, and Travel Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways program continues to expand.

A bicycle is one of the best ways to explore – a tactile way to traverse the landscape free from the confines of a car, open to intricacies, sounds, sights and scents.



Perhaps one of the most amazing aspects of travel by or with a bike is the conversations you’ll have. People in cars are hidden, and walkers are not a rare sight – but on a bike, you’re approachable, accessible and present. If you’re loaded up with gear, your rig will surely intrigue people as you cruise into town.

Seize the moment! Ask the locals where to eat, what to see and what not to miss. These interactions are the heart of travel and the best way to truly get to know a place.



No matter where your travel adventures, send us a postcard (physical or electronic) and share your adventure. Tell us where you’ve been, how it’s going, what you’re seeing and how your bike is taking you places this summer.

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Triple Bypass Ride – July 13-14 – We’re smitten with this heart-pounding ride experience in the Rocky Mountains. [more info]

Old West Scenic Bikeways – Eastern Oregon. Starting from the Wild West town of John Day, this 175 mile loop route takes you on a rural adventure where your social network is the local diner. [more info]

Take a tour – If planning an exotic adventure is not for you, sign up with a bike tour company and ride with the experts. Trips vary from one day to three weeks and bikes may be provided. There are fantastic tour groups all over the world, but in the U.S., Adventure Cycling is the way go to.

Explore Eastern Oregon with TREO Bike Tours – Stay on a ranch and head out for daily biking, paddling, fishing and rafting adventures. [more info]

If you’re shipping your bike, read resident mechanic Tori Bortman’s expert tips on the ins-and-outs of shipping a bike. [read more]

[ view some of the submissions – click here ]

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