Worst Day of the Year Ride

You might not expect to ride your bike with hordes of other people in the dead of winter, but that’s precisely what makes the Worst Day of the Year Ride so great. Other than that one year when the roads were a thick sheet of ice and completely unnavigable, the ride has trudged on through all sorts of nasty weather conditions over the years. But here’s a little secret: it almost never rains.

There is some sort of magic that shines upon the Worst Day of the Year Ride. We like to think of it as the power of thousands of enthusiastic bikers to change the weather. Kind of like a rain dance, only exactly the opposite. And it happens just about every year as the skies clear up with sunny, 60 degree weather for that one blissful day in February.

A Special Free Beer Challenge

Puddles the Penguin, the ride’s mascot, as issued a special new challenge for this year: If more than 3,000 people register for the ride, everyone will get a free Lucky Labrador beer.

The ride has exceeded 3,000 participants in the past. The cancelled participants from last year’s ride are automatically registered for this year, so we’re hoping to see that free beer flowing.

Plus, if the ride exceeds 3,000, that makes it officially the second largest one-day ride in the state, falling right behind the ginormous Bridge Pedal.

Save Big

There are four cool ways to save on the Worst Day of the Year Ride.

Coupons – Pick up a $5 off coupon at participating locations [locations]

Bike Club – If you’re a member of the Portland Bike Club, you’ll save $7

Bring 3, Ride Free – Bring three friends along for the ride and your registration is free.

Photo Gallery

The ride website says wigs are optional, but we beg to differ. The Worst Day of the Year Ride is best experienced in costume. Just take a cue from these guys:

Ride Basics

February 8

$36.50 if you register in advance

Register >>

Two route options: 15 or 46 miles [view routes]

Expanded costume contest with more than $5,000 in prizes

Breakfast, fresh Nossa Familia coffee, snacks and a delicious hot soup lunch from Laughing Planet Cafe

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