Worst Day of the Year Ride – February 12

Thousands of hardy souls are about to hit the streets of Portland to laugh at the elements as they circle the city on the 11th Annual Worst Day of the Year Ride, a time-honored Portland tradition. This ride is a must-do for anyone who has a bike in the garage, even if it hasn’t see the light of day since last summer.

Choose from two route options, a flat 18 mile urban route or a hilly 45 mile challenge that traverses the west hills en route to Hillsboro. On both routes you’ll be treated to belly-warming treats and three on-course parties at each of the rest stops (plus an additional Hillsboro rest stop for the Challenge course).

Over the years this creative ride has swelled from 250 to 4,000 riders and now draws people form all over the United States who want to take part in Portland’s favorite wacky wintertime ride. But one thing has remained the same: The costumes are always incredible and the weather has consistently been unseasonably warm. How does that happen? No one knows, but we like to think it’s the power of 4,000 cyclists on the road that helps change the weather to a pleasant day for riding.

A hot soup finish line party is your finish line reward as you make your way back to the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub for an afternoon of relaxation and a party in the middle of the street (the ride out-grew the pub many years ago). Come in costume, the Shower’s Pass Costume Contest is giving away stellar rain gear and other prizes for the best dressed. And as if all that were not enough to convince you to sign up today, the ride benefits the Community Cycling Center, a non-profit organization that provides bike access to people of all economic levels. They also recycle used bicycles and prevent more than 21 tons of bike material from going into landfills every year.

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