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Sneak Away Memorial Day Weekend

Art of Survival Century – May 26+27

Seems like the world is so busy these days. Hectic. Noisy. Crowded.

This Memorial Day Weekend, get away from it all. Sink into the wide open landscape your pedal your way through a region where nature knows no borders. Tucked away where Oregon and California meet, wildlife refuges, wetlands, and flocks of birds dominate the scenery.

The Art of Survival Century is hosted in Tulelake, California – just outside of Klamath Falls.


  • Ride one or two days.
  • Friendly volunteers and excellent support.
  • Camping on site with plenty of room for all.
  • Homemade granola bars on course.
  • Gorgeous routes that are flat, unique and fun.
  • Rangers and historians at rest stops talking about the region.
  • Farm roads that are oh-so0-quiet.


About the Routes


It’s Century Day! Several route options along smoothly paved routes. Ride through the Lava Beds National Forest and explore. Check out petroglyphs and many other unique features.

There is also a mt. bike option.


Day two is all about gravel! The best gravel is often tucked away in the middle of nowhere, and for this ride it’s in Doris, CA, just down the way from Tulelake. Two route options and awesome support. This is going to be a fun one!



A Special Ride Experience

We love the Art of Survival Century for so many reasons. The community developed the ride as a way to show off their special region, teeming with birdlife and wetlands.  The region is sunny nearly all year round. Life is relaxed; it’s a take-your-time kind of a pace.

Tulelake feels worlds away, but it’s really just outside of Klamath Falls.


Photo Gallery

Cannon Beach Fat Bike Festival

April 20-22, Cannon Beach

There is no other biking experience quite like riding a fat bike on the sandy beaches of the Oregon coast!

Forget all the seriousness of wearing the proper gear, worrying about how heavy your bike is or overthinking your nutrition. Fat biking is all about having fun on two wheels and the brand new Cannon Beach Fat Bike Festival is sure to be a hit with the entire family and riders of all styles.

Head to Cannon beach for a weekend of events including fat bike games, a poker ride, a sunset ride and a gigantic bonfire. Fat bikes are available to try.

Event Details

April 20-22
Cannon Beach
Events each day
Beach clean up on April 22nd in celebration of Earth Day
Registration is $12.00 per person online. You may also register at the event.

Bike Costume Tips

There never isn’t a good time to have fun.

That is why we try to have as much fun as possible even when we ride. One of the most enjoyable adventures is a costume ride. However, riding in costume can also be very dangerous, if you choose the wrong outfit. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Safety over Fun

Do not overdress, remember that you’ll be pedaling so you don’t want to overheat. This means that furry creatures are a-okay, so long as you don’t mind getting warm. Always be safe, so even if your costume is that of an online gambler try not to be playing the real casino games as you ride. Learn more about casino games by visiting https://www.sunvegascasino.com. Below are some of the do’s and don’ts of costume cycling:

Tip #1

It is always best to choose a character that already has a bike as part of their gear. Such character’s costumes are usually designed to be bike-safe. Your options are quite large as many of today’s characters ride instead of driving.

Tip #2

Avoid the spokes at all costs. There are many costumes that come with trailing bits. These include long-tail animals like kangaroos or rodents. The list is not confined to furry creatures; most of our favourite superheroes are “caped crusaders” and the cape enjoys interacting with the spokes. However, we are very sure that you will not enjoy the results of the interaction.

If you have to go as an animal or a superhero with a cape consider altering the costume to make the cape or tail shorter. When cycling in costume shorter is better. This means that dressing sexy is a good idea especially when you have safety in mind.

Tip #3

Headgear is an essential part of most costumes. Then again it is also an integral part of riding safety. Riders need to make sure that their costume design has space for the helmet. The helmet always goes under the costume headgear and never on top of it even if it is a wig.

Another important aspect to watch out for when selecting a costume is the peripheral vision that the costume allows. Sometimes it is a good idea to substitute the mask with face paint.

Muddy, Soupy + Sloppy: Coast Hills Classic

Muddy. Soupy. Sloppy, and mess of good fun.

Coast Hills Classic Mountain Bike Race in Newport (April 15) is an awesome challenge – a trek of straight up, straight down and slippery turns along a 12 mile course – with a double run of 24 miles for the experts and pros – and 1,600 ft. of elevation gain. The course varies from muddy to gravel with a lot of singletrack in between.

Pavement, shmavement. The Coast Hills Classic all about grueling greatness with plenty of opportunity for bragging rights. And if you like to get gritty on your mt. bike, you’re going to love it.

You’ll also be afforded sweeping coastal views, dense forested land and plenty of beautiful views if you’ve got the mindset to soak them in amidst the gruel of the course. We’re betting your mind will be on other things….

Make a Weekend of it!

There is a lot to see and do on the Oregon Coast! Make a weekend of it and plan to spend some time exploring Newport and the surrounding region. Take in the coastal sites, visit the aquarium, etc. You’re bound to have a good time on the Oregon Coast!

Little Tykes, too

In the true spirit of a strong community, the race isn’t just for the most hardcore riders: there’s also an free race option for little tykes to test their mettle and get a taste of what mt. bike racing is all about. Age categories of 2-4, 5-7 and 8-10 will race on a short loop on a flat dirt area. The timed “Grommet” Race for older kids will take place on a modified five mile section of race course.

Sign up Early

Sign up in advance to save, but registration is also accepted on the day of the race.

Watch the Video

More info

April 15, 2018.
Coast Hills Classic website >>

A Mt. Biker’s Dream Weekend Getaway

Do you find yourself dreaming of a weekend jam packed with endless miles of singletrack?

Then Mt. Bike Oregon is the perfect event for you!

Ride the Best Trails

Tucked away in the Willamette National Forest live some of the world’s best mt. bike trails. But don’t just take our word for it. IMBA awarded Oakridge, Oregon Gold Level status, one of only six Ride Centers in the entire world to receive this prestigious designation.

The Alpine trail, in particular, is widely regarded as the Crown Jewel, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg at Mt. Bike Oregon.

Shuttled Rides All Day, Every Day

The event features shuttled, guided rides every day. The guides aren’t there to hold your hand, they’re simply the extra special sauce to ensure everyone makes it down the trail without ever having to consult a map, and to ensure no one gets left behind (because what fun is that?).

Shuttles start going out at 7am and they don’t stop until 11:30 in the morning when all 300+ riders are out on the trail. With more than 7 ride options each day, there’s no shortage of fun to be had at Mt. Bike Oregon.

All Inclusive

Sign up, then don’t worry about a thing. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. Every night there’s a FREE drinking garden under the starry night sky, featuring some of the region’s best beer wine and cider. The wine is provided by J. Wright, Vintner – the wine for spirited adventurers. Winemaker Joe Wright is an avid mt. biker who draws inspiration from the trail for every barrel of wine he creates.

Camping, top of the line demo bikes, shuttles and clinics are also included. For dinner, the event organizes a Food Truck Festival on site.

Rally Your Riding Buddies!

Riders flock to Oakridge from all over the world for this incredible event. Rally your riding buddies and sign up today!


TWO WEEKENDS: July 20-22 and August 17-19
Choose one or sign up for both!
RIDE LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
LOCATION: Oakridge, Oregon

Tubeless Tires: Mountain Bike Edition

In the past decade, tubeless tires have hit the bike scene in one of the biggest advances in technology (with wide-ranging side effects). In this two-part series, I’ll begin by exploring how tubeless got its foothold in the industry with mountain bikes and why it’s become almost standard in new mountain bikes today.

What are “Tubeless” Tires?

Tubeless tires are actually a system of tires and rims specially designed to not use an inner tube. Instead, a tubeless ready (TLR or TR) rim is designed to create an air-tight seal with the TLR specific tire, without needing a tube.

Most tubeless tires are designed to be used with a thin sealant inside of it to help self-seal and repair small punctures as well as make the seal between the rim and tire have an extra layer of air-tight protection.

On the exterior, tubeless rims and tires look just like regular rims.

Pros of Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires

So what’s all the fuss? Even with sealant and stout compounds, tubeless tires tend to weigh less than the traditional system, and a little less weight to push around never hurt anyone.

On standard rims, “pinch flats” (a flat where the bead of the tire would pinch the tube against the rim and cause a snake-bite looking puncture) are a common problem, especially for heavier riders. No tube? No pinch flats.

As mentioned earlier, the sealant quickly fills the void from small punctures in tubeless tires, so you may not even notice that you had a problem at all. This is especially nice if you regularly ride in areas prone to thorns or goatheads (Eastern Oregon, anyone?).

Best of all, tubeless tires offer the ability to run much lower pressures than with tubes, giving the rider improved traction without loosing any rolling resistance. This gives an overall smoother, faster ride.

Running lower pressure also keeps your tires engaged with the ground instead of bouncing around like you would with the higher pressure of tires with tubes. This allows for better grip when climbing over obstacles like roots and rocks, which makes technical climbing easier. With tubeless tires the effort you’re putting into the pedals is better transferred into the tire.

TO SUMMARIZE: with tubeless tires you can better rip down the trail, conquer rocks and roots and corner like a boss. Who doesn’t want that?

Cons of Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires

The cost of tubeless rims and tires is slightly higher than that of a traditional set up. The tire itself is harder to initially set up; it requires an air compressor and sealant, which can be messy. Your local bike shop can do this in about 10 minutes.

Tubeless requires a bit more maintenance because the sealant will eventually dry up and need to be refilled. In the Pacific Northwest you’ll want to refresh the sealant every 4- 6 months – more often if you live in a drier climate.

That sealant can be a factor if you have a flat that requires installing a tube on trail: you’ll be getting it all over your hands while you deal with the flat. The larger bead of the TLR tire is also harder to get over the wall of the rim. Not impossible, but you’ll need some quality levers and strong hands.

Myths, Deflated

When they first came onto the market for mountain bikes over a decade ago, there were a few design flaws with tubeless tires. The rim and bead designs had not been refined, so some riders, especially when running very low pressure, would break the seal between the rim and tire “burping” out air. Worse yet, the tires would sometimes roll off the rim completely at inopportune times, like when cornering hard.

But as with any technology, the bugs have long been worked out and the ride of tubeless tires is now even more dependable than tires with tubes.

Tori Bortman is ORbike’s resident bike mechanic. She is also an educator, consultant and the owner of Gracie’s Wrench. Tori is the author of The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners published by Bicycling Magazine.

Where to Buy Bicycles Online

At present, online cycling stores have become one of the main references for users when buying cycling equipment. While clothing, accessories and components are the main products that cyclists acquire by this means, more and more are also made with their new bicycle on the Internet. Therefore, we want to show you where you can get road bikes at the best price and what brands you can find in these stores.

As many of you know, there are bicycle companies that are sold directly on the internet. The German Canyon and Rose are the best known, but they are not the only brands that offer their models here. Many others, although they do not have their own store, can be purchased in electronic stores, some in several of them, and others exclusively in only one, as is the case of Vitus in Chain Reaction Cycles or Eastway in Wiggle.

Below, we detail what online stores offer road bikes and what brands are those that you can find in them. As we discuss below, the discounts available, especially the 2018 models and previous seasons, are very succulent, so they are a very good option to renew your bike. Anyway, if you find some difficulties to pay, you can search for short term loans.

Chain Reaction Cycles

Vitus, the bike brand of Chain Reaction Cycles, can only be purchased in this well-known online store, where we find all its models, both those of 2018, and 2017. The latter and some exhibition bikes and proof have discounts of up to 47%. In addition, it highlights the offer of brands such as Cube, Fuji, Ghost, Raleight and Bergamont. Many of their current models and previous seasons benefit from discounts that in some cases exceed 50%.


There are many brands and models of road bikes that can be purchased at Wiggle. Eastway is your exclusive signature and has interesting models at a great price / quality ratio, such as the Zener with disc brakes or the more sporty Emitter. The offers of Felt, Colnago, De Rosa, Eddy Merckx or GT are also very broad and competitive, since discounts in prices are in many cases around 40%.


No options are missing in Probikeshop, another reference online store. First brands such as Ridley, Wilier Triestina, Felt or Ghost coexist with other less popular but also interesting, such as Kona or Viper. With prices between 600 and more than 5,000 Euros, there are bicycles for all tastes for both men and women.


Although not as well known in our country as other online stores, Alltricks is more than recommended for its extensive catalog and its very good prices. In addition, you can buy bikes from brands like Trek, which is not usually found on the internet. The new Madone, Domane and Emonda 2017 and models of other seasons with discounts that reach over 2,000 Euros are an excellent cover letter. Along with the American firm we also find others at the level such as Boardman, Haibike, Fuji, Cube or Viper.

NEW! Grit and Gravel at Survival Century

The Art of Survival Century on Memorial Day Weekend is a gorgeous and serene ride secreted away on the border of Oregon and California. In this world, the landscape knows no borders. Wildlife, rolling hills and cyclists weave between the two states.

And this year, on Day Two of the ride you’ll be crunching gravel the entire day.

All Gravel, All Day

We’ve declared 2018 the Year of Gravel. Up until now, the only gravel riding was done by individuals or in competitive settings. 2018 marks the first year that non-competitive organized (paid) gravel rides are happening – and that’s significant. We’re particularly excited that event organizers are finally catching on to the fact that gravel is best enjoyed in a non-competitive setting. After all, one of the best aspects about riding gravel is that you’re away from traffic, deeper into the rural area and more connected to the landscape.

Some of the region’s very best gravel routes are in Doris, California, just outside of Klamath Falls. The Art of Survival Century planned three stunning routes for a full day of gravel exploration.

Explore the Gravel Routes

72, 54 and an 8-Mile Family Ride



If Gravel Isn’t Your Jam

Not into gravel? No problem! Day one of the ride is still a straight up traditional century ride, with paved routes, several course options and stunningly serene farm road routes.


DATE:Memorial Day Weekend, May 26 + 27, 2018
Choose one day or sign up for both!
LOCATION: Tulelake, California

Gorgeous and Burly: Oregon Triple Crown

One part race. One part challenge. Four parts super good ride time.

We love this Oregon Triple Crown ride series for the gorgeous scenery, challenging routes and very fun finish line celebrations. Because of the event format, you don’t need to be a speedy racer type to jump in and simply enjoy the rides.

Sign up to compete in each distinct individual event, or register for the entire series and vie for the Triple Crown Glory.

Have you gotten your Oregon Triple Crown pass yet? It saves you 15% on all the individual events, plus includes the ultra cool OTC jersey, shirt, socks and pint glass!

PRO TIP! Save $10 on the Series Pass when you use code ORbikelove

Ride Dates

Oregon Coast Gravel Epic | May 5 – Waldport, Oregon (60 or 37 Miles)

Sasquatch Duro | May 19 – Oakridge, Oregon (45 or 25 Miles )

Oregon Gran Fondo | June 2 – Cottage Grove, Oregon (137,117 or 71 or 42 Miles)

If that seems early and condensed, that’s because it is. The series used to be spread out for the entire season, but the event director, Mike Ripley, decided to mix things up with a new schedule this year. And so far, people are loving the concept of packing all that riding into a short period of time, guaranteed to set the tone for a burly summer of kick-ass riding.


Enter to Win a Jersey from Portland Jerseys!

Select your ride-day jersey wisely; you never know what ride along conversations may be sparked as a result. Portland Jerseys understands the magnitude of this game-day apparel choice, that’s why they’re giving away a free jersey to one lucky ORbike fan every month! Simply enter your email address below.

Portland Jerseys is a local company with some of the coolest jersey designs on the market. They also make it easy for to place group orders for bike clubs, teams or just a few friends who want to look stylish together.

We like what these folks are all about.

100% Guarantee

Portland Jerseys stands behind their quality materials and expert craftsmanship. “If any one of your jerseys has a defect in material, design, or production, we promise to replace the garment, or refund your money, within 90 days – no questions asked.”

Speedy Production

Portland Jerseys has the fastest turnaround time in the industry – your jerseys will arrive within 30 days of placing your order. Most companies make you place your order three months before your event, AND require a 50% deposit! We’ve alway through that, in this day-and-age, that seems pretty ridiculous. Which is why we love the Portland Jerseys turnaround.

FREE Graphic Support

The sublimation process produces extremely vibrant colors and provides an unrestricted print area – super cool. The experienced in-house artists of Portland Jerseys can help you maximize these potentials within your design. They will also scale your one design across all sizes. That means that your XS jerseys have the same design as your XL jerseys – something that’s not often the case with other jersey production companies.

BONUS! Every jersey plants a tree

Their non-profit partner plants a tree for every jersey that they create. Feel good knowing that you are doing your part to help combat global warming.



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