2018: The Year of the Gravel Ride

Riding gravel is nothing new, but this is the first year that we are starting to see a a few significant non-competitive gravel rides. And that has us rather excited!

Gravel races have been happening for a while now and plenty of cyclists love to crunch gravel, but it wasn’t until the Art of Survival Century unveiled their new (and amazing) gravel routes that we started to see options for those of us who love supported events.

Now Cycle Oregon, the multi-day ride experience experts, are launching Gravel, and everything about the event looks intriguing. The action takes place in the Tillamook State Forest, a coastal forest retreat. So close to Portland, yet so far away from it all.

If you’re new to riding gravel, Gravel by Cycle Oregon is an excellent way to season your gravel-ready legs. The organizers are well known for their top-notch support, friendly volunteers and awesome after-ride festivities.

Welcome to Wonderland

Surrounded on all sides by National Forest and nestled between Eugene and Bend, Oakridge, Oregon is home to some of the world’s best mt. biking. Mt. Bike Oregon is an opportunity to explore this region’s trail treasures. For 14 years, riders have been coming from all over the world to be a part of this special experience.

Singletrack for Days

Oakridge is best known for lush singletrack, tucked deeply in the woods. There are trails for a variety of riding styles, some more technical and others flowy. At Mt. Bike Oregon, everything’s included so you can hop on a shuttle and ride your heart out all day long. Expert guides are on every ride to ensure no one gets lost or goes down the wrong cutoff.

Though these rides are shuttled, this is no downhill fest. You’ve got to earn your turns at Mt. Bike Oregon and every ride includes some rewarding climbing.

A Well Priced Event

There is no other mt. bike festival quite like Mt. Bike Oregon. At least that’s what we think, and a long-time IMBA staffer who traveled the country going to mt. bike festivals once told us the same exact thing. The event is non-competitive, and very low key. It’s well organized, not flashy, and in the true spirit of Oregon it’s not overly branded Oh, and the nightly beer garden features regional beer, wine and cider absolutely free. Cause that’s how we DO.

Breakfast and lunch are included, as is camping, shuttles, demo bikes, guide service, clinics and more. Three days of riding, four days of the event, three nights of camping – all for only $400. We think this event is a steal of a deal.

Join the Community

As an all-inclusive event with camping on site, as many as 350 riders live together for the weekend in a huge open field with plenty of room to spread out. Mt. Bike Oregon is large enough to have a cool festival feel, but small enough to where you’ll truly get to know some awesome new people.

Select Both Weekends!

Mt. Bike Oregon is July 20-22 and August 17-19. You can ride just one weekend, but we recommend you go to both for the full experience and so much good riding.


Cycling Passion for FIFA World Cup

When it comes to traveling it either you have money or lot of time to embark on your journey. This year, many people from different parts of the world travelled to Russia to witness the FIFA World Cup first hand.

It’s the cyclists who really caught our interest. Many cyclists journeyed for thousands and thousands of kilometres just to have a personal experience of the world’s most popular tournament. Meet the cyclist who broke the record.

Kerala to Russia for The World Cup

A 28-year-old Indian freelance school teacher travelled to Russia on two wheels. Clifton Francis’ passion for football made him journey for 4 000km so as to enjoy the FIFA World Cup up close and personal.  Even though he had passport and visa problems at the Azerbaijan- Georgia border, Francis managed to pull through and arrive in Russia on the June 5.

According to Francis, his greatest football champion is Lionel Messi. Spending about the month cycling, He wishes to complete his journey by getting a signature on his bicycle from the icon. Well, if he won the money from the best payout casino, he could have bought a flight ticket.

Argentina to Russia cyclist

From the cyclist’s adventure, it seems that many people may opt for a bike instead of a car. The bike takes you places where cars cannot. Maty Amaya from Argentina embarked on a 14,095 km journey from South America Argentina to Russia Moscow. That is a hell lot of paddling. It took the dedicated football fan a lot of cycling and a flight from Panama to Spain.

Since the world cup held in Brazil 2014 until now, Maty Amaya has never looked back. His love for cycling and football led him to completely retire from being a full-time Pharmaceutical employee. Now he travels on his bicycle, seeing the world.

Just wondering what would happen if gamblers or online pokies aus players would host World Cup Gambling tournament? Would meet you there with your bikes in tow.

Amaya mentioned that he cycled to Moscow because of passion for the World cup and love for cycling. “It like marrying both,” he says.


Reasons Bikes Are the Future

As cities become more crowded, riding a bike is becoming one of the fastest ways to get around town. You get to avoid all the traffic jams. Even though cars are so fancy there is always of a new BMW this or a Mercedes that on the news, yet are getting serious competition by the two-wheeled option.

One of the main reasons why people choose cycling over driving is that cyclists always make it through the traffic jams and saves money for entertainment such as online pokies, movies, dining out etc. Bikes can squeeze through even the tightest corners in the road, making it easy for a cyclist to go through a traffic jam with relative safety. Be able to maneuver means being late for work because of a traffic jam is a thing of the past.

Cycling also provides an amazing view of the city. What better way to see the city than when cycling through it. When going through the city a cyclist sees the city in a new way. The feel of the wind in your face is also so relaxing. Unlike that air con in the car that just can’t give the right amount of protection to the environment.

Cycling is also healthy. It beats most of those machines in the gym. All those minutes with feet on the pedals give an excellent cardio exercise. If feeling like going to the gym, just go cycling, it works as an exercise in itself. And it is way cheaper than any gym subscription will ever be.

Talking of cheap, a bicycle is way more affordable than most cars out there. The most expensive car, the Mercedes-Benz May Bach is $8 million U.S dollars, which is more than turnover of some online gambling companies. But the most expensive bicycle, the Butterfly Trek Madone, was auctioned off for an impressive $500,000.

The easiest way to get a parking spot in a busy city is by getting a bicycle or a motorbike. Not even in the city only but any place actually. There is always that provision that allows for a cyclist to park their bicycles. And am sure no one has ever come across a fully parked cyclist parking area. That’s just so rare.


Ride to Defeat ALS

Ride to Defeat ALS on July 14 is a relaxing cruise through the Willamette Valley.

The ride starts and ends in Mt. Angel, located just under and hour from Portland but seemingly worlds away. You’ll cruise along quiet rural roads, through the quaint Gallon House Covered Bridge, pass farmland and working fields as you sink into the landscape for the day.

This ride has a little something for everyone, with routes of 25, 50, 62, 75 and 100 miles to choose from. You’ll love the friendly support every pedal stroke of the way, and the many friendly other riders. This ride just has a great community feel. The event includes a festival finish line party at the Mt. Angel Festhalle, home to Oregon’s large Oktoberfest.



Bikes Take you Places Where Cars Cannot.

There are many reasons for a person to opt for two wheels instead of four. One of the top reasons is that the two wheels are more flexible than four just like casinos online that can be visited anytime and anywhere. Bikes can easily access many places that cars cannot.


Staircases are accessible to bikers as a quick cut-through. In many cases, there is no need for the biker to physically lift the bike when going up or down the stairs. This is thanks to a cool design feature. This is a narrow ledge along the staircase which allows you to push your bike. Staircases which normally serve people on foot now are now being using by people when they ride their bikes too.


On two wheels, a biker can access places a person driving a car cannot. There are cars that can access the steep mountaintop but will have limits. Cars are left choking on dust when it comes to the most outrageous rides. A trip by bike to the top of a steep hill is exciting.


Bikes do not require that much space to park when compared to cars. Parking space is never a scarcity. And when garage space is limited, the house can easily accommodate a bike.

Freestyling and ramping.

The modern-day popular bicycle games are racing, freestyling and ramping. The manoeuvrability of bikes enables rides to be more flexible and creative resulting in amazing stunts and bicycle manipulation. Of course, this is a more dangerous hobby than playing online pokies win real money but the thrills are just as real.


Want to reach your destination faster? Consider taking a bike. Bikes can take shortcuts through neighbourhood parks and parking lots. You are able to take shortcuts whenever wherever. This is because bikes can squeeze in between the impossible spaces.

Some of these shortcuts are worthwhile as you get a chance to experience nature at a closer range. Making contact with a fresh breeze, sunlight and even the odd squirrel or bird.


Cars tend to get stuck in traffic but bikes can make use of the sidewalks. When cycling you can make use of the sidewalks whenever there is a need, provided you follow local laws for sidewalk use and you are respectful of other sidewalk users.


A Social Club for People New to Portland

Bike Love? We Get It!

Are you new to Portland or new to cruising around the city by bike? Bike Portland, ORbike and Filmed by Bike welcome you! We are so thrilled to have you, another bike lover here in Portland.

Portland is an amazing place to live in large part because of the incredible biking scene. Every day of the week you can see hoards of cyclists streaming across the bridges, rain or shine, day and night.

Join our special Welcome to (Bike) Portland social club to receive special updates on happenings geared toward new riders and those who are quickly falling in love with this bike loving mecca.

The first social club events are a series of three monthly rides, starting on July 7.



Fall in Love with Portland (All Over Again)

Portland Century | August 19 – Portland

Portland is known worldwide for being a bike friendly city, filled with innovation, stalwart cyclists and a robust bike community. The Portland Century celebrates all of that!

Sink into the landscape on well-designed routes that will take you on a tour of Portland and its gorgeous fringes. For just one day, leave behind your cares of the world and revel in the beauty of our surroundings.

This ride is under new management and the new organizers are absolutely thrilled to honor Portland with a stellar ride and an utterly unforgettable day on the bike.


A Bike-Themed Festival Like No Other

Gigantic Bicycle Festival | August 24-26 – Snoqualmie, WA

Get ready for a weekend party with a stunning backdrop.

Gigantic Bicycle Festival combines all the best into one relaxed weekend. The fun includes camping, live music from top regional acts, an outdoor film festival, yoga, a cyclocross race, a blueberry farm tour, NW bike builders, art displays and more.

There is also an optional ride on Saturday with 50 and 100 mile routes from Snoqualmie to Snohomish, though some of the most majestic areas of Washington State.

Let the towering mountains be your backdrop for this weekend of bike fun.


Hop on a Brand New Ride

Luminosa | August 4 – Tualatin Valley

The brad new Luminosa by Morrison Child and Family Services is an opportunity to sneak away just outside of the city. The ride begins in Hillsboro before sprawling out into the wide open landscape of the Tualatin Valley. The Tualatin Valley is a region that begs you to slow down, breathe deeply and soak in the scenery. You’ll be surrounded by working farms, vineyards, hazelnut groves and a verdant valley. Farmers Markets and friendly folks abound in this special region.

The ride features three route options: 26 miles, 43 miles, and 62 miles (a metric century). The event begins and ends at Oak Knoll Winery where riders can enjoy lunch, beer and wine, live music.



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