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Winter Training

Winter can really take its toll on you. So how do you stay fit?

The Forbidden Trail

New efforts could allow mt. bikers access to the Pacific Crest Trail.

Leaving the car behind

The Bike Love documentary follows one woman’s transition to a bike lifestyle.

Fender Up!

All you need to know about fenders. We’ve compared clip-on, clamp-on, full fenders.

You Need to Lube

If you can hear it, so can others.

What Was Portland Critical Mass?

A reflection on Portland Critical Mass, 20 years later.

Spooktacular Bike Ride

Get wacky and spooky and haunt the streets of Portland by bike.

Maker Profile: Sacro-Bosco

Sacro-Bosco: Portland Interview with William Cress Website >> Why make wooden wheels? My first experience of wooden rims started when I purchased an old 1890’s track bicycle. The rims were beautiful, over 100 years old and still in fair condition. After reconditioning the hubs, cleaning and re-truing the wheels – My business partner Eric Brockman and I threw on some retro looking tubulars and we were hooked. I decided to try and replicate the wheels that we had on this bicycle. After a lot of…

Maker Profile: Thursday Cycles

His BMX bikes are unbreakable

Hilarious: Halloween on a Bike

What are you wearing on October 31?

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