Tour de Lab – AROOOOOO!

By Ayleen Crotty

The weather is going to be perfect for Tour de Lab!

How to Pack for Cycle Oregon’s Classic

By Ayleen Crotty |

Get ready for your bike ride with these handy tips. Hint: snackhole!

Let the River Guide You: The Vineyard Tour

By Ayleen Crotty |

The locals are letting us in on their secrets 

Tour de Fronds Recap + Gallery

By Ayleen Crotty |

We fell in love.

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Even More Bicycles on Clinton Street

By Ayleen Crotty | Aug 20, 2011 |

Exciting changes are coming to this popular bike super highway

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Century Rides: What’s All the Fuss?

By Ayleen Crotty | Jul 27, 2011 |
Riding a Century Bike Ride

In the cycling world, a century ride (100 miles) is the pinnacle distance to achieve – a crowning moment of pride. If you’ve never completed a century but think this just might be your summer do to it, we’re here to be the tailwind that helps you cruise through those miles. Organized rides are a…

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Bike Group Spotlight: Belligerants

By Ayleen Crotty | Jun 10, 2011 |
The Belligerants - Portland's All-Schwinn Bike Group

It’s summertime which means you’ll be seeing a lot more of Portland’s all-Schwinn bike gang the Belligerantes, and this year they’re celebrating their 15th Anniversary. These retro-loving riders roll out to events, cycling or not, all over town. The Belligerantes love participating in parades and any opportunity to show off their sweet bikes and stylish…

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