Monday Nights at PIR

Get Motivated to Race!

You know you like group rides and supported events, but perhaps you’ve been left with a raw need for speed. The bicycle races of the Monday Nights at PIR series are a perfect opportunity to gain experience and confidence, satisfy a hunger for competition and springboard a novice racer into the large community of Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) events.

OBRA events run all season long and offer a wide variety of racing opportunities. Get ready for a full spring and summer of fun and competitive races.

I’m Ready! Where’s the Start Line?

Motivated? Great! Before you show up for the first race on April 20, let’s do a quick inventory of what you need for the first race.

  1. BIKE. At PIR the track is 1.9 miles of super smooth and flat road. The best bike to use in this arena is a road bike. You can race on any bike with working brakes, but a road bike is your weapon of choice.
  2. FITNESS. The season is long at PIR: 20 races from April to August. You don’t have to hit April with flying fitness, but you’ll want to be somewhat conditioned so you can conquer the circuit and laps (a novice typically does six laps). Some general conditioning rides and longer fast rides before the season begins should get you in solid riding shape. The Portland area abounds with resources for coaching, group rides, and indoor training – look them up!
  3. GROUP RIDE AND SKILLS. The best way to learn riding with a group is to meet up with a team or club. Group rides provide an opportunity to meet a wide range of riders who learn from one another. They’re fun and those miles fly by a lot faster in a group!
  4. FIND A MENTOR. Latch on to someone you meet in the club or team ride that can give you some insider tips and teach you a few things. Much of cycling and bike racing is passed down verbally. Be a sponge! Soak up the comments, critiques and ideas – and don’t be shy about asking questions. Most racers love to share their knowledge.
  5. WATCH BIKE RACING. Spend some time as a spectator at the races and before pinning on your number. Also check out resources online and watch some videos of World Tour races.

Got it! What About the Fine Print?

Your next step is to review the racing calendar to see what races you want to hit up.

The Monday Night PIR Series races run April 20 – August 31. An OBRA license is required to race. Annual or day memberships are available on the OBRA website or at the race.


We get plenty of good questions from excited racers all season long. Our best advice is to stop by the Monday Night races from April to August on Monday nights to get a sense of how the races run. Seasoned racers will be on hand to answer questions, and you can watch all the fast and fun action up close.

This is also a great opportunity to see which cycling teams are present, meet the members, and possibly find a team.

Learn More

Check out all the details on the Monday Nights at PIR website.

Do You Race?

Are you a bike racer? What are your tips and advice for aspiring racers? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Tim Yarnell

Jim Anderson is President of the Team Oregon cycling team and Camp Manager for the NW USA Cycling Talent ID Camp. Jim also works with professional and amateur cycling teams across the nation. This is his 16th season organizing and promoting the Monday Night Race Series at PIR.

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