Down Time: Post Ride Recovery

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We could fill this space with fancy talk about lactic acid and muscle recovery, but many of you would probably tune out. So instead we’re going to keep it simple:
Sit back, relax and have a beer.

Actually, we’re not kidding… though there is more to recovery than that.

Post-ride recovery is a multi layered activity that has many benefits. In yoga, the final relaxation pose is savasana. It’s meant to be a time to let the practice sink in, let your muscles remember the poses and activity, to imprint the good feelings on your system. Post ride recovery can serve much the same benefit.

Kit Sitting

Kit sitting is a term coined by bike event expert Brad Nelson of Axiom Event Productions. He’s a firm believer in the value of the relaxing time spent sitting with friends after a ride, before the hassle of removing your riding clothes and taking a shower. That can wait until later, Brad says.

Eat well!

You earned that burger and fries, but immediately following your ride, as quickly as possible, your muscles crave protein and nutrients.

A well balanced recovery smoothie is the best thing you can enjoy directly after the ride. If you’re fortunate enough to be on a ride that has a smoothie vendor, you might even be able to enjoy yours before you even dismount the bike. Bananas and protein are two excellent ingredients to look for. A lot of the aches and lasting pain that result from a hard ride can be eliminated this way.

A beer. With friends

Socialization after a ride is an awesome way to seal in the experience. Relive the moments, laugh at the mistakes, and learn tips from other riders. This camaraderie is our bike community, and it is a huge aspect of why we ride. Enjoy it – you earned it.

And no, your drink doesn’t have to be a beer. The point here is to enjoy a drink among friends in good company. Maybe that’s your favorite tea, a soda, wine or a cup of coffee. Savor your favorite beverage, and that time with friends.

Stretch gently

It’s a good idea to stretch out after a ride, but there’s no need to be to extreme about it. Go for the areas that you know tend to tighten up after a long ride, such as hips, quads and calves.

How do you recover?

Share your thoughts below.

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