Film Spotlight: Bicycle and a Way

Filmed by Bike expanded this year to allow in some longer pieces, and it has really paid off with gems like this great film.

Bicycle and a Way of Life | 14:34
Bubba McClean – Los Angeles, California

In East LA, a teenage bicycle thief straddles two worlds – that of her old fashioned Latina grandma and that of her thuggish crooked boss. When these worlds collide, she must decide which path to take.

This thrilling film features a strong female lead, an interesting cultural perspective and bike thievery. The film is set with a seedy, dark bluish hue that really carries the film in a nice way.

Join Bubba on stage following the Sunday 5pm show during the Filmmaker Q+A session.


Sunday, April 20 at 5pm
Tuesday, April 22 at 8pm

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