Five Super Foods for Cyclists

Black Tea

Sports scientists at Rutgers University report that sipping on black tea helps speed recovery between intense workouts and reduces soreness. Decaffeinated tea can steep overnight in the fridge and be placed in one of your water bottles for easy consumption. So long as it is decaf, you can drink it in place of of in conjunction with water before, during and after the ride.

Salmon and Tuna

Omega-3s have endless health benefits for everyone, and even more so for cyclists. They increase blood flow and may help wash out inflammatory cells in damaged muscles that cause pain and swelling. Two excellent sources are salmon and tuna.


Tumeric is another way to increase blood flow and reduce inflamation, two steps in the road to painless recovery and healthy muscles. This powdery yellow spice has a mild flavor that can be easily added to chilis, soups and marinades.


It’s cherry season in Oregon, but cyclists will want to reach for a jar of juice for extra added health benefits. Tart cherry juice helps repair micro tears in muscles. Don’t skip the Rainiers and Bings, though. While they might not do much for your muscles they’re a seasonal treat you don’t want to miss.

Real Foods

While gels and bars are quick foods to fuel your ride, it’s easy for cyclists to get in a rut. Your body craves real food. Keep your plate full of color with at least half the plate filled with vegetables and smaller portions of whole grains and lean meats or tofu.

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