How to Pack for Cycle Oregon’s Classic

Packing for a week long trip is challenging. Packing for a camping trip is challenging. But what about when you’re packing for a week long biking-camping trip? Maddening!

If you’re packing for Cycle Oregon’s Classic or any other sort of multi-day ride, don’t worry! We’re here to make it easy for you. Here are some guidelines with details specific to Cycle Oregon, but tips that work for any multi-day ride.

Cycle Oregon Gear Requirements

  • 65 lbs
  • 1 durable bag

The gear bag that you bring to store your belongings should be waterproof and made of a sturdy material so that it holds up through the week. You can only bring one bag and it can not exceed 65 pounds. To ensure clothing stays dry, pack clothes in large plastic bags, press flat to remove excess air, then seal. Also, mark your bag in some manner (bright colored ribbon or tape) to help distinguish it from the other 1,999.

Nights get cold

Bring cozy clothes for the evening hang out time and for nighttime. You’ll be sore from riding, and shivering doesn’t help your recovery. Cozy up so you can relax at night. Bring a puffy jacket that packs small (most do) to save space, and bring a warm winter hat.

Shoes Matter

Bring sandals for airing out your feet and sturdy shoes for walking around camp at night, cold evenings, heading into the small towns (!!!!) and other adventures along the way. You won’t have a lot of space, so find the most compact shoes you can. Sorry cowboy boots, sadly you may not make the cut for this adventure.

Hangout Time is Rad

The riding is amazing, but that is only one part of the equation that makes Cycle Oregon so special. You’ll be venturing through some of the most gorgeous landscapes, so plan to hang out and enjoy them. Bathing suit, adventure clothes, whatever you need. That bathing suit is key – you never know when a swimming hole might pop up in your day.

The Hot Showers are Delightful

You’ll be venturing top the showers every evening (??? however often you want, really) so think about what you’re going to bring with you, and how you’re going to carry it. You may have to walk clear across camp to get to the showers, and you may decide to visit a booth, chat with friends, grab a smoothie, relax with a beer or otherwise have a delay on your way. Having a tote of some sort will free up your hands for the walk, and will keep things organized once you’re in the shower.

Day Bags are Handy

We love a flexible day pack that has absolutely no structure to it – just backpack straps and some solid material. These packs can scrunch up into a tiny softball-size shape, if not smaller, and they’re a handy way keep your hands free.

For what? Here are some examples: This could be your shower tote. Let’s say you’re heading to dinner, but it’s far from your camp and you’re not sure what you’re doing after dinner. Bring your hat and jacket – it’s sure to get cold at night. You bought a bottle of wine? Great! Stash it in that bag. Uh-oh, Jim was so tired from the ride he left his chamois at the shower. Sorry, Charlie, you’re carrying it back to camp for him (ewwwww).

Specialty Snacks and Supplements

Cycle Oregon will treat you RIGHT every pedal stroke of the way – with plenty of delicious food and yummy snacks. But if you know you have a preferred bar or electrolyte for those hard days in the saddle, pack them with you.

Handlebar Bag or Snackhole

A small handlebar bag or snack hole (love those!!!) are a nice way to be able to carry small essentials as you ride, such as a snack, toolkit, sunscreen, chapstick, phone, some cash, etc. Cycle Oregon provides a gear drop so you can leave large items on course and pick them up at the finish line – true luxury!

Packing List

The Cycle Oregon packing list is a comprehensive guide to ensuring you have what you need. Check it out here.

Enjoy the ride!

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