Let’s Get Comfy

The rains are here so it’s time to get down to business and talk about gear for wet and cold weather riding.

Here at ORbike we are firm believers that you can ride your bike in whatever attire you feel most comfortable. There are no rules and nothing is out of the questions. But sometimes putting a little extra thought into your gear can make the ride more comfortable. And if you’re comfortable, you’re going to ride more often.

So let’s get comfy.

Gear is a big topic, and a highly personal one. So today we’re just going to cover some basics to get you started.


Within the first two miles of your ride on a cold day, you’ll warm up significantly. It’s nice to set out feeling good, but make it easy to cool down by layering up. Layers also make it easy to adjust your comfort as the temperature changes throughout the day.

A tank top on the bottom that tucks into your pants is a great way to keep a cool breeze of your skin, no matter what your other layers are doing, especially as you bend over on the bike. This simple little article of clothing can create an impressive amount of warmth. That’s why companies like Icebreaker even make lightweight wool tank tops.

Wooly Days

Synthetics might be smartly engineered for performance but they often lack style and often lack comfort. Nothing beats a traditional wool sweater on a misty day, Find one that fits you just right and it will become one of your best riding buddies.

A thick felted wool will go a long way toward keeping you try on drizzly days.

As a bonus, wool rarely needs to be washed and it breathes rather nicely.

Bring Extra Gear

Eventually you’ll dial in your preferred winter riding attire, but as you’re getting started it doesn’t hurt to bring a little extra gear. You never know what the weather might do later in the day (though it will probably rain) and having a spare dry shirt or pair of socks can be rather awesome.

Start Simple

Sure, you could go out and buy top-of-the-line everything, but you may discover that you don’t need it all. Better to start simply with what you have, buy what you really want, and learn through trial and error.

On those days when you miss the mark and come home cold and wet, chalk it up to a learning experience and reward yourself with a hot toddy.

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