Minted Watermelon Shake

As part of our ongoing series about the benefits of the amazingly refreshing watermelon, the official recovery fruit of 2013, we present a sweet treat that’s lower in fat than most shakes.

If you’re like most people, there’s always a little watermelon left over. When this happens, trip it down to the lightest red of the core, then cut into cubes. Separate them onto a baking tray and freeze. One frozen, scoop the cubes into freezer containers or bags and keep frozen until needed for one of our tasty recipes. As we mentioned in our recipe for the ORbike Watermelon Recovery Smoothie, watermelon is packed with health benefits and fantastic in a cool drink.


1/2 cup mint chocolate chip ice cream, plus 2 tbs reserve
3/4 cup frozen watermelon
3/4 cup fresh watermelon (can substitute 1/2 cup coconut water or milk/milk alternatives)


Blend all main ingredients in a powerful blender. To increase thickness, add more watermelon. To increase liquidity, increase the fresh melon or alternative.

Serve in a glass and top with two tbs of well-chilled ice cream. Serve with a thick metal straw or a spoon, depending on consistency.

For a refined presentation, chill filled glasses in the freezer for 20 min before serving.

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