Petal Pedal 2014

The cold, wet days of winter are officially over and all around there are plants in bloom.

But you’ve never truly seen flower power until you’ve ridden through Silverton-area in June with entire fields are bursting with flowers. What a perfect place to ride a bike, and Petal Pedal on June 14th is the best way to traverse the Willamette Valley’s roads less traveled.

Those Legs Love You, or Love You Not…

Like a flower, the ride features interlocking petal loops that give you the choice of how far you ride without having to make that decision in advance. Cruise through the gorgeous landscape, and let your legs tell you where to go. Feeling strong? Keep riding. Itching for a beer? Head off to the finish line.

About the Petal Route Options

The first “petal” climbs 3,000 feet over 16 miles to include the majestic Silver Falls. The second “petal’ covers 48 miles and 1,800 ft. gain through rolling hills, patchwork quilt views, and tiny townships. The third stretches out 30 miles over the flat valley floor, comprised of rolling farms, hazelnut orchards, and fields of flowers. Oh, and don’t even try to count the llamas.

Generous Support

With onsite lodging, a gourmet dinner, free Hopworks beer, extremely gorgeous courses, free bike checks, breakfast, lunch and snacks all included, Petal Pedal makes for a perfectly relaxing ride. Plan to spend the weekend riding the region and exploring the quaint town of Silverton, widely regarded as the friendliest town in Oregon.

Hot Tips

1) Register in advance to save big.
2) Bring three friends and you’ll ride free.
3) Save $10 when you pick up a ride coupon at participating location.

Ride Basics

Saturday, June 14

100, 71, 48, or 30 miles with plenty of combos along the way

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and a gourmet dinner.




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