A Summer of Riding Starts Now

Perhaps summer is already on your mind, and maybe biking, too.

Here are some things to be thinking about as you plan out your summer of riding in Oregon.


  • How are you feeling on your bike? A bike fit, which can run you around $200, is a very wise investment if you’re not feeling quite right on your bike. Aches, pains, strains – these can all be alleviated with a professional bike fit. The fitter will spend a few hours with you – thoroughly analyzing your exact body and making detailed recommendations.
  • How’s the bike riding? Head in to your local bike shop well before planning a big ride. You want plenty of time to get the word done well and test out your ride.
  • What are you going to do this summer? If you’ve never participated in a supported distance ride, like Reach the Beach (one way, one day), Portland Century (one day loop) or Century Ride of the Centuries (multi-day) this should be your summer to do it. Supported rides offer an opportunity to hang with your friends, relax in the saddle, explore a gorgeous region and sometimes support a cause without having to worry about a thing. Think of it as a mini-vacation; the organizers take care of all the pesky details for you.
  • Stretch those legs. Nothing serious, but ensure you’re getting out to remind your legs what it is to go the distance – before you’re out on that first long ride.
  • How are your accessories? Look for sales (Bike Gallery is having one right now) and ensure your lights, lock, rack, carrying device and other accessories are in good working order so you can simply enjoy the ride this summer.
  • Plan a fun day of riding. Maybe shopping all around town, a bar crawl, a visit to a friend across town, dinner far away, or just a cruise to Sauvie Island with friends. Get out there for a full day bike adventure that’s lighthearted and will help you fall in love with your town (and your bike) all over again.
  • Psych your posse. Ensure you’ve got your riding buddies ready for the summer. Next time you’re having beers, bring up the topic of summer riding. You might find that one of your friends needs some assistance getting a bike, repairing a bike, finding appropriate routes or just being motivated to ride. Start that conversation now so you’ll have a posse by summer.
  • Join a club. If your friends are riding enough to satisfy your craving for two wheels, consider joining a club. Clubs are a fantastic way to have an instant crew of people to ride with every single week (sometimes every day) – just add bike.


What are you doing to get ready for summer, and what are your big (or small!) riding plans? Share your stories below in the comments.

Happy riding!

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