Training for a Distance Ride

In the world of cycling, a century ride (we call it a hundo ride) is the pinnacle distance all distance riders strive for. A great way to get there is to first sign up for supported rides that offer shorter route options and first test your legs that way. But if you’re an experienced distance rider and you’re up for the challenge, this is your summer to do it!

How you train will depend on what sort of condition you’re in, but we’ve put together a good formula that works well for most riders.

This is a recommended training schedule geared toward participants who have not been on their bike much in the few months prior to the ride. If you ride 50+ miles a week, you probably do not need to train for the ride. This is only a recommendation. Pay attention to your body’s needs and do not push yourself in a way that is uncomfortable.

Week one: 1/2 the total miles of your chosen course.

Week two: Less experienced: add 5 miles. More experienced: add 10.

Week three: Less experienced: add 10 miles. More experienced: add 15.

Week three: Less experienced: add 10 miles. More experienced: add 15.

Week four: If you are not yet at your total mileage, ride 90% of the mileage of your course or more if you’re feeling really good (and reward yourself afterward!).

Week before the ride: Unless you’re a regular, experienced distance rider, avoid going on a ride longer than 25 miles in this crucial week. Instead, pedal for around 15 miles on the weekend and ride your bike 4-8 miles every day leading up to the ride. Keep your legs moving, stretch and relax. Stay on the bike, but keep it very light.

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