Trying Out Cyclocross

Every wonder what it’s like to race cyclocross for the first time?

For some people, it comes naturally. They’re the ones who have always been daredevils, like jumping off stuff, race their fellow commuters on the ride home and are generally inclined to have mad bike handling skills.

But for others, those of us confident on our bikes but who have no frame of reference for the type of fast racing in mud (and…) that comes with cyclocorss, it can seem rather daunting to hop onto the racecourse for the first time.

That’s why we’re loving the series of articles is running from Rebecca Hamilton, a strong city rider who is trying her hand at cyclocross fir the first time this season, and baring her soul to the internet along the way.

Installment 1 >>
Installment 2 >>

What are your racing tips?

Have you newly gotten into cyclocorss? What are you tips for beginners?

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