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The Urban Route - 19 miles

The event hub -  Neighborhood bike-ways

Head north from the Lucky Lab to explore the new Blumenauer Bridge and the bike-ways around it. Ride past the Rose Garden then up the Main north/south Williams St bike-way to Mississippi Street.

Cross over I-5 and then up and over again on the curly-cue Going St Overpass.

Head east to wind your way through the storybook Alameda Ridge neighborhood. Continue through the funky Davis St neighborhood on your way back to the after-party at the Lucky Lab.

The Challenge Course - 36 miles

Cross the west hills twice!

It's a classic climb via Cornel / Thompson! Then a cool descent into the west slope.

Head north through the farms at the edge of the urban growth boundary. Start climbing again as you follow Old Germantown Road all the way up to Skyline Blvd. Catchy your breath at the top before heading down the other side to the majestic St John's Bridge. Cruise down Willamette Blvd, past the University of Portland until you reconnect with the Urban Route and cruise along the Alameda Ridge.

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