Celebrate the Bridge of the People on Sunday Parkways!

The final Sunday Parkways of 2015 is a Sellwood exploration.

Oregon Coast Gravel Epic

The third race in the intense Oregon Triple Crown series is finally here.

Pumpkins Mark the Way!

Celebrate the coming fall season with this gorgeous ride.

Tips for Crushing it on Bike Scout

Insider tips on how to come out ahead at the annual Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt

Cycle Oregon Tips: Corners/Descents

How to conquer corners and descents like a champ.

Tour de Lab Rides Again!

Get all dogged up and circle the city in support of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital on September 6

Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt

Scour the city with your to-do list of riddles to solve, challenges to conquer and treasures to find.

Smoothé Mike’s Recovery Smoothie

We leaked the recipe for this famous Cycle Oregon smoothie – the perfect way to recover after a long ride.

Cascade Cream Puff

Adam Haynes from Idaho was well prepared for the Cascade Cream Puff, but still had no idea what he was getting into when he signed up for the most gorgeously grueling mt. bike race in the United States.

Route Planning for a European Bike Tour

Planning a European bike adventure isn’t as tricky as you might think. Expert tourer Tyler Robertson shares his top 5 tips for planning a bike trip in Europe.

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