5 Tips to Help You Stay on Your Bike This Winter

With a little support and motivation, winter will be over before you know it, and you will have been on your bike the entire time. We’re here to help make that possible, and today we’re talking all about gear.

We’ve put together five easy tips to help you stay on your bike this winter.

  1. Designate a gear spot – Quality gear is the first line of defense against the perils of winter. Making gear easy to grab means you’re way more likely to ride. Designate a spot in your house where you can slip out of wet gear and hang it to dry until your next ride. Ideally this is somewhere convenient for your morning routine so getting back into your gear is an easy part of getting your day started.
  2. Invest in quality gear – If you’re riding a least one or two days a week in the winter, you deserve to be dry and warm on your ride, and it starts with quality gear. Don’t skimp when investing in the best options to suit your ride. As both breathability and waterproofing quality goes up, so does the price, and so does your sense of comfort on the bike. Strike the balance that best fits your budget.
  3. Treat your gear well – Not all gear should be laundered the same way. Read the label and carefully follow the instructions. This will help you gear last for many years to come.
  4. Just pack it – In the Pacific Northwest, the rains are going to come nearly every day. Instead of humming and haring about whether or not to pack your rain gear, just tuck it into your bag and move on. Chances are good you’ll need it, and it’s it always the way that on the day you don’t pack your rain pants a torrential downpour comes through.
  5. Have a backup plan – Even with the best gear, there are going to be those days when something goes wrong, something gets soaked. If you work in an office, keep a spare pair of socks tucked away for those days when you really need something dry.

What are your gear tricks?

How do you manage your winter gear? Share your tips, tricks and advice below.

How do you stay warm and dry on rainy days? Visit the #KeepRiding Lounge to learn more about how to make this an amazing winter on your bike.

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