5 Tips to Stay on Your Bike

The rains, they just don’t stop. Someone needs to write a Pacific Northwest song about this.

As winter fully unfolds, it can be challenging to hop on your bike early in the morning. The temptation to sit in a warm vehicle grows. Your resolve, it fades.

We’re here to help you stay strong and stay on your bike.

  1. Reward Yourself – Shoot, you’ve earned it. What is your favorite way to say “way to go, self!”? Now is the perfect time to employ that reward system. Treat yourself, especially on those extra-burly days.
  2. Assess Your Gear – Is your rain jacket up to snuff? Are your feet getting wet? What new gear would make your ride more pleasant? Quality gear is the key to a happy ride. Invest in quality gear (and treat it well) and it should last for many years to come. This is a smart investment. And once you’ve spent the money on some new duds, chances are you won’t want to leave them hanging in the closet. You’ll feel much better on your ride with a fully dry core.
  3. Find a Buddy – Do you need a little accountability? Find a buddy to ride with you (someone from the office?), someone to call you in the morning (“Remember, you always feel better when you ride, so get out there on your bike today”) or a biking buddy who will meet you for after work beers (then you certainly can’t show up in a car – that would be too pasé).
  4. Track Your Miles – It’s not for everyone, but seeing your progress every week can be rewarding. It doesn’t have to be Strava, but writing down and calculating your miles allows you to relish how far you’ve gone.
  5. Write Your Reasons – Why do you ride? Is it to feel stronger? Clear your mind? Save on gas? Help the environment? Feel more connected to your city? Save money? Lose weight? Stay healthy? The reasons are many – and they’re personal. Write your reasons in bold print on a large piece of paper and post it somewhere in your house where you’ll see it on a regular basis – particularly at the time when you’re making the choice to ride (by your alarm clock?).

How do you stay motivated?

How do you stay motivated to ride your bike through the winter? What are your favorite tips? Share them below.

How do you stay warm and dry on rainy days? Visit the #KeepRiding Lounge to learn more about how to make this an amazing winter on your bike.

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