Coast Hills Classic

The 3rd Annual Coast Hills Classic Mountain Bike Race in Newport (May 4) is an awesome challenge – a trek of straight up, straight down and slippery turns along a 12 mile course – with a double run of 24 miles for the experts and pros – and 1,600 ft. of elevation gain. The course varies from muddy to gravel with a lot of singletrack in between.

Pavement, shmavement. The Coast Hills Classic all about grueling greatness with plenty of opportunity for bragging rights. And if you like to get gritty on your mt. bike, you’re going to love it.

A Memorial Race, Revitalized

The course winds through gorgeous forested land, much of which is made possible because of generous access granted by private landowners. The race raises funds for a scholarship fund at the Newport Recreation Center that helps financially burdened families participate in youth activities.
The race is the revival of an event started by high school teacher Dave Campbell and a number of his students, including Ben Eder. Ben and his family kept the tradition alive for a number of years until a fateful day in 2001 when Ben died in a fishing accident at the young age of 21. Local volunteers now work alongside staff from the Newport Parks and Recreation Department to breathe new life into the race, formerly known as the Ben Eder Memorial.

Little Tykes, too

In the true spirit of a strong community, the race isn’t just for the most hardcore riders: there’s also an free race option for little tykes to test their mettle and get a taste of what mt. bike racing is all about. Age categories of 2-4, 5-7 and 8-10 will race on a short loop on a flat dirt area. The timed “Grommet” Race ($11.50 entry fee) for older kids will take place on a modified five mile section of race course.

Sign up Early

The event starts at Oregon Coast Community College, Newport Campus. Sign up in advance to save, but registration is also accepted on the day of the race.

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May 4, 2014.
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  1. I like to think of myself as a little bit of a basass on pavement and off road. If I can get some more trails in before then, I’ll definitely do it.

  2. Whoa – I have to tell my sister about this – she’s gonna love it. And then I get to go to Newport to cheer her on, not a bad gig I’d say! Have any others of you done this race before? Taylor what’s it like?

  3. In! Count me in! Thanks for the info, I had vaguely heard of this race but not really. I’m definitely signing up with a few buddies. Time to get dirty!

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