COOL ROUTE: Boring? Hardly!

Length: 75 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 5767 ft
Highest Point: 1845 ft

From Rubber to the Road:
“In my experience, no matter where I ride in the area, it has been impossible to climb above the 1700 foot barrier save for Larch Mountain. I have countless times crested a climb, only to see 1650, 1630, 1680 on my GPS. Was this a design of the road engineers or a natural phenomenon of the local mountains? Either way, it’s been infuriating for me. So you can imagine my delight when I crested George Rd on the Boring? Hardly ride and saw 1845 ft proudly displayed on my GPS. This is the 2nd highest point of this series.

Boring was named for W.H. Boring, an early resident of the area. Locals have embraced the name and have a town sign reading, “Boring, the most exciting place to live”. I’ll leave that debate up to you, but I can attest that the riding in the area is nothing short of outstanding. Even getting there is incredible with roads such as Butler and Sunshine Valley.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at Eagle Fern Park. Signs do not indicate that the park closes in the winter. I have been through the area in December and was pleased to find that I could still stop in at the bathrooms and fill my bottles. After the long climb to the top of George Rd, there is still plenty of elevation left to gain, including the hills on Kitzmiller and Tickle Creek, with plenty of undulation in between. At nearly 6000 ft of gain in 75 miles, this ride may have you looking for real estate in Boring, rather than riding home.”


This route comes to us courtesy of Rubber to the Road, the longstanding resource for interesting rides.

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