Cycle Oregon Kick-Off!

Cycle Oregon is a weekend and week-long bike ride that adventures through the quaint towns of Oregon on a new route every year.

Tonight is the Cycle Oregon Kick Off, the hotly anticipated event wherein the super secret route is revealed.

February 4th at The Portland Art Museum
Doors 6pm, Route Announcement 7p

The first 500 people in the door will get a code for early Week Ride registration.

Can’t make it to the event? The Cycle Oregon website will feature a live stream of the event.

We’ll be there, will you? Jerseys not required.


ORbike’s Cycle Oregon Photo Gallery and Video 2014
ORbike’s Cycle Oregon Photo Gallery 2013

4 thoughts on “Cycle Oregon Kick-Off!”

  1. I just moved here from Nebraska and this ride looks like the perfect way for me to explore Oregon. I’m considering a sign up, but couldn’t make it to the party.

  2. Cycle Oregon is one of those rides I’ve heard about for years. I live in Idaho and was thinking of doing the ride this year then I saw the route. It’s like a sign or something! Now I can say with confidence I’LL BE THERE

  3. I love this year’s route. I don’t know that area of Oregon at all (I’m from Illinois) and I think this will be a really cool summer ride. Wish I could have been at the event but I did watch part of the live stream.

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