Summer Riding for a Stronger Winter

This article is presented by the Harvest Century, a huge celebration of an awesome riding season. The ride takes place every September out of Hillsboro. Don’t miss it this year!

Now is certainly not the time to think about winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be preparing for a strong winter on our bikes.

Savoring the sweet days of summer on a bike is a fantastic way to inspire more riding all winter long. When you enjoy your rides, they leave a better lasting impression.

Too often we approach our rides as simply something we must crank though. And while it’s true that the fitness aspect of cycling is immensely valuable, the mental aspect is equally valuable, but only if you approach it with the right state of mind.


Try this: Get up out of your chair. Down a glass of water. Grab your helmet, a lock, your bag (if you don’t have a basket) and wallet. Leave all your riding gear behind. Clip in if you must because of your pedals. Wear your normal clothes. Hop on your bike. Pedal slowly. Round the block. Wander aimlessly. Have no plan. Stop for coffee. Grab a beer. Pop by a friend’s house. Stop at the farmers market. Swing by the store. Get an ice cream cone. Wave at neighbors.

Savor the sights, scents and sounds of summer.

Take it all in. Relax. Sink in.

This is what cycling is all about.

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