Most Important Ride of the Year

We wish more people rode bikes.

Why? The benefits of cycling are seemingly endless:
* Health and fitness
* Mental clarity
* Camaraderie with those around us
* Saving money
* Contributing to a cleaner environment
* Making the streets calmer and more welcoming

Encouraging More People to Ride Bikes

But just how do we get more people riding? Do we build more bike lanes? Invest in bike share programs? Install cycle tracks? Install a huge rain barrier in the sky?

There are many great ways to encourage people to ride bikes, but here’s the method we think has the most lasting effect: Making riding a bike fun. (and then do all that other important stuff that makes it safe to ride a bike).

Costumes and Bikes

There’s nothing more fun than riding a bike, with a bunch of friends and friendly strangers, at a comfortable pace, along a cool route, with snack, with finish line beers and with a huge party at the end.

That’s what the Worst Day of the Year Ride (February 8 in Portland) is all about, and it’s the perfect opportunity to drag along co-workers, boyfriends, friends and neighbors who keep hinting that they’d like to ride their bikes more often.

It’s early in the year, a time when people are still buzzing with optimism and hope. Weekends are yet jam-packed with outdoor adventures and people are eager to try something new.

So sign up today. And bring along those friends because….

HOT TIP: Bring along three friends and you ride free. DEAL!

Are you Riding?

Are you riding the Worst Day of the Year Ride? Who are you bringing along? Tell us below! Oh, and what’s your costume going to be?

How do you stay warm and dry on rainy days? Visit the #KeepRiding Lounge to learn more about how to make this an amazing winter on your bike.

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