Oregon Triple Crown

Every once in a while, an event comes along that truly tests the mettle of the competitors, but rarely is it as beautiful as the Oregon Triple Crown.

The Oregon Triple Crown is comprised of three Oregon races, each with varying difficulty and terrain, spread out within a four month time period. There is plenty of time to train and recover – and you’re certainly going to need it. But don’t worry, the organizers have built in some much-needed revelry, too, so there is plenty of opportunity to celebrate with others at the end of the grueling day.

Wall of Honor

Few people have ever attempted the Oregon Triple Crown, now in its third year, and even fewer (approximately 50) have earned a coveted spot on the Wall of Honor. Is this your year to give it a shot? We think so.

Race #1 Oregon Gran Fondo: May 31
(Cottage Grove)

Starting from the historic town of Cottage Grove, the course heads west into the Coastal Range. This race gives riders the chance to kick start the season with a bang: 117 miles and 5,700 feet of merciless climbing. The route is gorgeous, and either that will be what keeps you going, or you may not even notice. [more info]

Race #2 Willamette Gran Fondo: August 2 (Philomath)

Last year’s second race in the series, the Tour of Aufderheide, has been replaced with the prestigious Willamette Gran Fondo, an amazing journey through the foothills of the Willamette Valley and into the Oregon Coast Range. The course takes you past wineries and gorgeous sweeping vistas. The 85 mile loop features 6,200 ft of climbing including a steady effort past Mary’s Peak. [more info]

Race #3 Oregon Coast Gravel Epic: September 26 (Newport)

ORbike contributor Robert Underhill last year said of this race, “This is the one that will keep me awake every night leading up to it.” Fortunately you’ve got all summer to train for this rugged adventure, the shortest in the series at only 73 miles. Short though it is, the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic more than fills its quota in terms of climbing with 10,000 feet of elevation gain primarily along gravel roads.[more info]

Varying Routes – Bring Friends!

The Oregon Triple Crown is comprised of the most intense routes of all three of these races, but there are shorter routes, including a 24-mile and 9-mile route on the Willamette Gran Fondo. Bring along your friends and family – even if they’re not competing in the overall series they can still enjoy a day of riding, and the revelry that comes at the finish line party.

A Supported Challenge

The Oregon Triple Crown makes for a very approachable personal challenge. Aid stations with food, sometime entertainment, meals and a finish line beer garden keep these races within the reach of all skill levels. And if you’re feeling up for the challenge, sign up to compete in the longest routes of each race and vie for the Oregon Triple Crown.

What You Get

In addition to major bragging rights, everyone who successfully completes the Oregon Triple Crown gets:

  • A 2015 limited edition, custom-designed Pactimo jersey.
  • Your name listed (forever almost) on the Oregon Triple Crown “Wall of Honor”.
  • An annual invitation to the Oregon Triple Crown “inductees, alumni and partners-only” November 2015.

Race Basics

Oregon Triple Crown Website >

To qualify for the Oregon Triple Crown, you must sign up for the longest courses of each race by May 27, 2015

Various lengths and course styles – see the individual websites for details

HOT TIP Registration increases on February 15. Register for the series in advance to save.

Stay Tuned – We’re Here For You

Have you been upping your game over the last year? You’ve got this. You can totally conquer the Oregon Triple Crown, or any of the individual races.

We’re here for you. We’ll be bringing you race-specific training tips and strategy.

Are You Racing?

Are you racing the Oregon Triple Crown or any of the individual races? What are you most looking forward to?

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  1. Checking my schedule – I had conflicts last year but really want to do this. If I can, that is.

  2. My buddies and I are contemplating this series. It will be tough but rewarding. I had a strong season last year so I’m feeling up for the challenge. I’d love to hear from some other people who have done it in the past.

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