Portland World Naked Bike Ride

Should you ride the World Naked Bike Ride? YES, you absolutely should. Should you be fully naked on the World Naked Bike Ride? That’s entirely up to you. See below.

The World Naked Bike Ride happens all over the world as a demonstration of the freedom bicycling provides: a freedom to be ourselves, be strong, be out in the world, get where we need to go on our own terms and schedule, accept our bodies, ride no matter what we look like… and freedom from a dependance on oil.

It’s a well known event that you’ll hear people talk about in various ways. If you have any inkling to attend, go for it. The crowd is supportive, it’s dark out and you certainly won’t be the only cyclist in some state of undress. Go with friends you know and love, and have fun.

Wear as much or as little clothing as you desire, and be prepared to find yourself willing to shed some layers once you’re there and realize how normal it is to have your skin exposed.

The World Naked Bike Ride is definitely not a merely nudie fest. It’s a wonderful event with a lot of joy and heart.

We’re here to demystify this glorious worldwide movement that only happens once a year.


  1. Do not give a second thought to what your body looks like naked. Human bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the only ones that appear to be “perfect” are the ones that are airbrushed. No one cares that you have a mark here, extra fat there, cellulite or ripples or three nipples. Embrace the event for what it is and go all in. How great you feel on this ride is entirely up to you – don’t let your mind ruin the night. You’re a cyclists – you are strong and awesome.
  2. It’s perfectly acceptable to go to this event alone and melt into the crowd. It’s nice to find some friendly people you stick by as your posse. Even if you don’t wind up talking much it can feel nice to have the support of others who you smile at with glee every once in a while, or comment on funny things with. We recommend saddling up with a crew that has a bumpin’ sound system playing the kind of music you like.
  3. Consider volunteering. If you don’t have someone to go with, volunteering is an awesome way to feel more connected to the event, and more supported throughout the night. Plus, this huge event needs plenty of support so you’ll earn karma points.
  4. Meet your friends somewhere else first. This event is MASSIVE. You will not be able to find your friends at the start line. Even if you can reach each other by phone, there’s almost no way you’ll be able to navigate the sea of people to physically get to each other.
  5. Even if you’re rolling naked on your way there, it will get chilly at night and you might want some coverage for the ride home. And if you’re rolling fully naked, how comfy is your saddle? Consider making it comfier for the long haul.
  6. “Bare As You Dare” is the title of the heartfelt Portland World Naked Bike Ride documentary produced by NW Documentary (see below) and it’s also very sage advice. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear some clothing. It’s equally acceptable – and rather common – to shed some layers (in front of the crowd – discretion would be ridiculous in this environment).
  7. Get some rest and be prepared to stay out very late. You never know where a ride like this might take you (and there are always several enticing free after parties. Embrace the night and roll with it. Sleep is for July. Or Sunday.
  8. Get creative! Paint your body. Light up your bike. Wear a wig. Slip on a tutu. Rock your favorite outrageous necklace. Don a dapper hat. Hide behind a subtle mask (but promise us you won’t be creepy about it).
  9. Think about how you’re going to carry your stuff when you’re naked. You will need a way to carry your valuables when you are off the bike. We suggest cowboy boots – they can hold a surprising amount of stuff! Or a hip pack. Bonus points for any carrying device that has a soft side against your body to prevent chafing. We’re just getting real here…
  10. Lights, helmet and a lock are essential – even if you’re rolling with a posse in the beginning. Who knows what will happen by the end of the night…
  11. Be safe. This event is MASSIVE (did we say that yet?) and you’re surrounded by people in a state of elation. The sheer number of people alone is enough to drive even the most demurely clothed people wild. People may not be riding smart and you don’t want to crash in sea of people with your skin exposed to the asphalt. Keep your wits about you, while having fun.
  12. Just do it. Unsure? Nervous? Shy? You only live once….


Watch this heartfelt World Naked Bike Ride film produced by NW Documentary with support from Filmed by Bike.


Saturday, June 27
Colonel Summers Park [map]
Extremely slow pace
Thousands of people
Free, but donations are accepted and needed [info]
Event Info >>

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