Road Cycling Safety

Here at ORbike, we like to help people have a fun and comfortable bike riding experience,

Riding on the streets can seem intimidating at first, but it does not have to be – just follow these few tips. With a little bit of preparation and keeping your wits about you, you’ll be smooth sailing in no time.

Be a Road User

All road users should practice a lot of the same behaviors, such as no sudden moves, being visible, and of course being respectful. This works well for drivers of motorized vehicles, for skateboarders, walkers and cyclists alike. We can all share the road and get along! When it comes to more vulnerable road users like cyclists, there are some additional tips for keeping yourself safe since you don’t have a steel box to protect you from harm in the case of an accident. Read on!

Be Prepared

Know where you are going and be confident in your route so you can make assured maneuvers on the road. Wear the appropriate clothing so you are comfortable on the bike. Be well lit so you are visible.

Unsure? Just Pull Over Carefully

One of the most common mistakes people make is freaking out then coming to an abrupt stop. Instead, calmly survey the scene around you to know where other road users are, then cautiously pull over to the side of the road, get up onto the sidewalk or into the shoulder, and calmly bring yourself to a halt. The next step is vital: Take a deep breath and smile. You got this. Everything is going to be okay.

Ride Predictably

No sudden moves! Signal your turns by pointing where you are going with a confident, broadly extended arm that people can see. Don’t switch lanes or make turns quickly. Riding predictably is something all road users should do, and cyclists are no exception.

Be Your Own Rider

Don’t blindly follow other riders. If you’re not sure there’s enough time to get through an intersection or you’re not sure where you’re going, give some space, give some time and shout out “Stopping!’ and make the stopping sign (right arm at a right angle down, with the palm facing back toward anyone behind you. This ensures the riders behind you don’t crash into you. Make sure you PAUSE before actually stopping – remember – no sudden moves!

Enjoy the Ride

Riding a bike is fun! It’s an excellent way to explore a city, get to know your neighborhood (and neighbors!), see new sights and smell new smells. Plus, it’s good for fitness and mental health. When you’re having fun on your bike, the day goes better. And when you ride safely, your ride goes better. Have fun out there, be safe, smile and wave. We can all share the road and get along. You play an important part in making the road safe when you take responsibility for your riding behavior and ride confidently.

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