Unheard of Benefits of Cycling

Fitness is an activity that everyone should incorporate in their life.  Fitness boosts almost all the aspect of one’s life. Many people have now adapted to cycling because it also carries the aspect of fun. For one to be fit they have to be physically active so cycling is one amazing activity that can achieve many results. You can also reduce the risk of being affected by many diseases.

Cycling can help you prevent obesity and weight control

Cycling is a good way to control or reduce weight. This is because it raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle and burns body fat. If you are battling with your weight you need to combine cycling with a healthy diet. Cycling has also been labelled as a comfortable way of exercising and you can change the time and intensity to suit you. It up to you and how comfortable you are on the bike so choose what suits you best. You can even cycle first thing in the morning, take a bath after and you can rest while playing your favourite online game at https://www.pokiepop.com/en, one of Australia’s leading pokie sites.

Cardiovascular disease and cycling

When we talk of cardiovascular diseases we are talking about stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack. It so sad how many people have succumbed to these diseases, but we are here to let you know that cycling can be a perfect remedy for cardiovascular diseases. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles and lowers rest pulse and reduces blood fat levels. Research has it that people who cycle to work have 2 to 3 less exposure to pollution as compared to car commuters.

Cycling can also help you with fighting diabetes

It is believed that the rate of type 2 diabetes is increasing and is a serious public health concern. Lack of physical activity can make your body prone to diabetes but make cycling your best friend and know that your health worries are sorted. If you can’t afford a bicycle, you can ask people for donations, for example, you can target us casinos gamblers or companies and ask for donations even if is just $1. Some bicycles cost at least $80.

Enter to Win Tickets!

The Filmed by Bike film festival is May 17-19 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland.

This year they are bringing to the stage and screen the voices that are often left out of positions of prominence and celebration. It’s going to be a powerful weekend at the theater.

Films run Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a mix of styles and themes for each program.

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Last Chance for GRAVEL!

Last Chance to Get in on the Grind!

Cycle Oregon’s GRAVEL ride is set to deliver all the things you love about Cycle Oregon – the amazing communities, live music, great camp experience, and the spectacular routes – only this time we added in a heaping helping of all-terrain exploration. May 17th-19th we’re heading to the lush green fields of Dufur, Oregon and we’d love for you to be there.

There will be live music from Tevis Hodge Jr, Jager Bumz, Tracy Klas, Al and Nolan from Brewer’s Grade, Ben Bonham Trio, greaterkind, and more will be rocking the main stage. And yes, even after a rewarding day in the saddle, there will be people on the dance floor. That’s the Cycle Oregon way.

Free beer and cider will be flowing all weekend long from the some of the best: Double Mountain Brewery and Freebridge Brewing.

So grab a friend, grab your bike, and get ready for the right kind of grind. You won’t want to miss this.

If you’re undecided, there are still spaces available but not for long. REGISTRATION CLOSES MAY 7.

To register and to get all the details, see the Cycle Oregon website.

Inspiring Bike Movies at Filmed by Bike

Watch the Trailer

About This Year’s Filmed by Bike

74 Films

72 Filmmakers

12 Awesome Events

6 Film Programs

3 Days

1 Inspiring Festival

PRO TIP: for the best festival experience, buy a Festival Pass. You’ll save $40 and it makes getting into the theater much easier.

The World’s Best Bike Movies

The 17th Annual Filmed by Bike features the world’s best bike movies. This year’s festival is their most ambitious collection of films to date. They are bringing to the stage and screen the voices of people who are often left out of positions of prominence and celebration within the bicycle arena – that means tons of exciting films.

This is a powerful collection of hard-to-find films from all over the world, with a little of something for everyone.


Does Cycling Really Help?

There are a lot of reasons why people exercise. At times we want to lose weight while for others they just want to kill time. And part of those exercises will include cycling. Like any other exercise, routine cycling does have some benefits that bring to the body.

Benefits of cycling

Mental health

If you are looking for ways to boost your mental health, then you should opt for cycling. This is because there is basic release of adrenaline and endorphins as well as the improved confidence that comes with achieving new things. Cycling combines being outdoors and exploring new things.

Saves Money

Cycling also helps you to save money. This is as it is way cheaper to maintain a bicycle than it is to maintain a car. Furthermore, with a bicycle, you get through all those traffic jams within a few minutes. Moreover, with the money that you save, you can always enjoy a few real money online casino games, check out online casino usa. By so doing, you can double your money, if lady luck is on your side.

Environmentally friendly

Another great thing about cycling is that you can do guilt free. People can cycle without worrying about damaging the environment. We are sure that you to have never heard about anyone who has ever damaged the environment by the cycling. They don’t have any carbon monoxide or any of the gases that damage the environment.

Weight loss

If you are trying to shed a few kilos then you might also want to opt for cycling. Cycling burns about 400 to 1000 calories an hour. This will depend on the intensity and your weight. However, it is a good start for those who are looking to lose weight. Instead of spending all your online gambling sites jackpot for weight loss products, you’d rather ride a bicycle.

Cuts Heart Disease and Cancer Risk

Who knew there were so many benefits of cycling? Another one of those being that cycling raises your heart risk and gets the blood pumping around the body. It burns calories and limits the chance of you being overweight. As a result, reduces the risk of you getting chance or heart disease.



Life’s Far Too Serious, Let’s Fat Bike!

CANNON BEACH FAT BIKE FEST | May 17-19 – Cannon Beach 

Don’t Take Life So Seriously

Oh the cares of the world… it’s time to push them aside for one ridiculously fun weekend at the coast.

The Cannon Beach Fat Bike Festival is a weekend of bike rides, beach fun, nightly bonfires and beer. On the final day of the event, participants have the opportunity to take part in a beach clean up or art mural project.

This event launched last year and we just think it is so cool! Spending a weekend at the coast is always so much fun.


Old Logging Towns and Magic Await


Explore Old Logging Towns

Columbia Century Challenge takes riders on a tour of a special region of Oregon – just outside of Portland. Tucked into lush forested areas with surprising striking Columbia River Views, this ride is a pure delight.

Gravel lovers will enjoy the optional cruise along the Historic Crown Zellerbach Linear Trail for an extra added adventure.

Named one of the Best Bike Rides in the region by the readers of ORbike. 



The Gorge Pedal Experience


July 20 – Cascade Locks

The Gorge Pedal Experience adds that extra word in there – experience – for a very heartfelt reason.

You can go fast if you want, but you just might miss the point of this entire ride.

The Gorge Pedal Experience is an opportunity to explore the Historic Columbia Gorge by bike. There will be historians and volunteer educators along the way to share regional info and point out what you’re seeing as you pedal.

With a broad carfree pathway to follow, two route options, and a big finish line festival, this is a fun way to spend the day on bikes.


Best Bikes for Gravel

If you’re planning to go on a ride like GRAVEL by Cycle Oregon, having a gravel-specific bike isn’t essential, but it will make your ride experience much nicer. There are features of a gravel bike, most notably the size of tires it can accomodate, that will make for a much more stable and comfortable ride. If you’re new to riding gravel or not comfortable on terrain that’s not a smooth pavement, you’ll see great benefit from getting a gravel-specific bike.

What is a Gravel Bike

Sometimes the terms gravel bike and all-road are used interchangeably. An all-road bike is just what it sounds like: great for all types of roads, even gravel roads.

We love all-road bikes because, you know, options! Options and flexibility are amazing. You’ll never find one bike to do it ALL, but an all-road is pretty close.

A gravel bike will almost always come with disc brakes. It will often have a 1x  drivetrain, with a derailleur only in the back. This is beneficial for its simplicity – a derailleur can easily get gnarled by the rough terrain most gravel riders embark upon. Gravel can easily get lodged in the mechanism. Some people say that on gravel you’re less likely to notice the subtle difference each and every gear offers and it’s just fine to have a more gapped gear spacing.

Gravel bikes come in various materials, but I mean, come on, STEEL. Steel is real – the rallying cry exists for a reason. Gravel roads are rough and rugged and your bike is going to take a lot of that shock. Investing in a quality steep bike means you’ll have a relatively light ride, an extremely sturdy ride (no thanks, aluminum) and the material will absorb a lot of the shock of the road – making for a more comfortable ride feel.

A gravel bike might have drop bars, might not, usually does.

The position is usually not too aggressive, but far different from a mt. bike. Kind of like a cross between a cyclocross bike and a road bike, with a little more upright thrown into the mix for many styles. That’s a good thing for those of us who like to go far on gravel and want to actually see the world around us while we do.

Gravel bikes might come with 700s or 650bs for wheels – it varies. 650b is a good way to go. And get those tires pretty fat – like 45s.

What are the Best Bikes for Gravel

I’ll tell you a story about this one. One time, two organized people who love riding bikes decided to invest in grave bikes. They had similar interests and analytical minds. One of them put together a spreadsheet, the other did additional online research and test riding.

And OH MAN there were a LOT of bikes on that spreadsheet. So many of them seemed equally great.

There are many excellent gravel bikes on the market these days so we’ll just name a few.

Breadwinner Cycles G-Road

Made in Portland with love, care and fine attention to detail. This is certainly a top choice – a custom bike made just for you to your personal specs.

Jamis Renegade Escapade

Just the right mix of features, component set and a great steel for the right price. I’m currently riding this bike and LOVING it. Upgrade to some Sugar Wheel Works Wheels in 650bs and keep or sell those 700s for a supreme ride feel. There are 7 bikes in the Renegade series, but this one seems to be the perfect balance.

All City Cosmic Stallion

This is a solid choice from a reputable brand. The bike delivers all the features you’re probably looking for and comes with strong reviews from those who have bought this bike.

Your challenge is going to be finding these bikes for a test ride. Ask around – they’re hard to find in the shops and Breadwinner is fully custom – not in the shops.

Get Ready for a Great Ride

Gear up for Cycle Oregon’s GRAVEL! It’s sure to be an amazing weekend of bikes, gravel, bonfires and beer.  See the website for all the details.



The Region’s Best Bike Ride

Tour de Fronds
June 15

Ride Details >

About Tour de Fronds

Though it has been named the Best Bike Ride in the region many times over, you may be surprised by how small, report, quaint and volunteer-run Tour de Fronds is. Proof that small towns are mighty, and big isn’t always better.

An Insider’s Perspective

By John B.

Looking to this year’s 22nd Tour de Fronds, I wondered if anything could be added to the long list of positives about this event.  Well, I found one – it’s a sorry thing, but true that cycling events in Southern Oregon after mid-summer are going to be smoky, unless there’s a big change in what’s been happening in our forests the last several summers.

Good news!  The Tour is June 15 in smoke-free Powers.

Register on the Tour’s website to get one of the remaining spots in the field limited to 300.

Each year the Tour improves on its perfection. Getting voted the #1 ride for by readers of ORbike.com reflects the excellent work of the volunteers who make this ride such a perfect combination of natural beauty and a community working hard together and enjoying it.

Friday night is a spaghetti feed at the county park with live local music, Saturday is the ride and a fabulous dinner following the ride (think berry cobbler…), then a pancake breakfast on Sunday. The drive home, quite frankly, is kind of a downer.

There are six rides to choose from, the shortest being the 30-mile out and back over mild rollers along the Coquille River to Daphne Grove. Or, you can continue past Daphne Grove to Eden Valley, which is just as beautiful and quiet as the name implies, for a 63-mile round trip. Or, keep going past the Eden Valley rest stop to Arrastra Saddle for a 77-mile ride that climbs to a rest stop on top of a ridge before you turn back for home.

For the young, the strong or the delusional, go over Arrastra Saddle and complete the 117-mile Cruiser Loop. Last year this ride was known as the Mahaffy Century named for the 75+ year old local legend who you might pass on this route, but you might not.  He rides like it’s milking time for the cowherd he tends.

If you’re not in Mahaffy’s league, do what I do – ride the Rogue River-Singing Springs option.  It’s 71 miles and 5,500 feet of climbing. Up over Agness Pass, then six miles down a bumpy gravel road until you get to the smoothest pavement I’ve ridden on. This route follows the Rogue. You can stop at Foster Bar and put your feet (or all of you) in the Rogue, dry off and ride that smooth pavement down to Singing Springs Resort for lunch on the patio looking over the river as mail boats and rafters go by.

After lunch, hop on and ride up the gradual 11-mile climb to Agness Pass.  Stop at the cold-water spring that’s about 2/3 of the way up, as if a Hollywood director said ‘wouldn’t this be a good spot to have a cold-water spring coming out of the bank next to the road.’  When you get back to the top of Agness Pass, you can just about coast back to Powers.

If you like a cycling event where there is only occasional car or pickup traffic, the Tour de Fronds might not be for you – there isn’t even enough traffic to call it “occasional.”  And it’s an event that is just about guaranteed to be smoke free.

Tour de Fronds is well worth a lot of effort to get there and when you leave you’ll start thinking about next year.


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