Escape the Memorial Day Weekend Crowds

Survival Century
May 25+26
Tulelake/Klamath Falls Area

About the Event

Survival Century is a remote bike ride tucked into the landscape around Klamath Falls, Oregon. The event features two days of incredible riding with many route distances to choose from, making it the perfect Memorial Day Weekend getaway for all your riding buddies, no matter each person’s ride style.

Event Layout

Day 1 – Road or Mt. Bike
Choose from a variety of road routes – from 8-118 miles – or a killer mt. bike course through the Modoc Forest with varied terrain.

Day 2 – Gravel
This cool ride takes you to the remote Juanita Lake, a swimming hole only popular with the locals. The ride is only 30% gravel, which means new gravel riders will delight in a day of (relative) ease. There is a little bit of climbing, and tons of incredible views far away from cars.

Day 3 – Explore on Your Own
Bring your boat, kayak, tent, hiking shoes, camera… all the fun outdoor playthings! There is so much to see and do in this region. You can stay on site at the fairgrounds, or move on to another cool destination for the evening.

An Outdoor Playground is Waiting

This region is on the way to and from so many incredible outdoor gems like Crater Lake, Bend, Oakridge, Mt. Shasta, Ashland and more! Plus, once you’ve made it this far, you may as well take the opportunity to explore far-out oasis that you likely wouldn’t get out to otherwise, like Summer Lake Hot Springs, one of the most relaxing places on earth.

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Ride Details




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Cycle Oregon’s GRAVEL

May 17-19
Dufur, Oregon


The Right Kind of Grind

Hold onto your handlebars because Cycle Oregon‘s ride GRAVEL is back! The ride kicked off last year in the Tillamook State Forest to rave reviews.

To mix things up, this year the ride is heading to the stunning expanses of high, lonesome prairie, and forested foothills surrounding Dufur, Oregon for an unforgettable trip down some of Oregon’s most scenic backroads. For one golden weekend in mid-May, you have the opportunity to cruise a combination of gravel and paved roads, with wide-open views of Mt. Hood and Adams appearing around nearly every corner.

Cycle Oregon Style: Fully Supported Awesomeness

When you sign up for an event with Cycle Oregon, they take care of all the pesky details so you can focus on one thing: Mega fun on your bike. As it should be.

This event includes camping, music, food and plenty of fun. Cycle Oregon always caters tasty meals – even magically out in the middle of blissful “nowhere”. They know just how to treat riders right and ensure you have an excellent event experience.

About the Routes

New to gravel? No problem! Each day features multiple options, each one a mix of gravel and pavement.

Day 1

Long: 65.3 miles — 5064 ft of climbing 47% gravel/53% pavement

Short: 31.8 miles — 2140 ft of climbing 67% gravel/33% pavement

Day 2

Long: 63 miles — 5216 ft of climbing 53% gravel/47% pavement

Short: 33.2 miles — 3118 ft of climbing 61% gravel/39% pavement



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VR Cycling Through History: A Feasible & Fascinating Idea

Virtual reality cycling is starting to catch on. While we wouldn’t quite call it mainstream yet, several early demos have made headlines online at sites devoted to VR news. Most recently, we learned that a VR cycling experience was on the way from one of the biggest names in home fitness. This speaks to what appears to be the main use of combining VR and cycling, which is, precisely, fitness. However, even if this is the purpose that drives innovation and generates popularity, VR cycling will also have more leisurely and entertaining applications.

There will always be an exercise component of course, but just as some applications might help people to race or go through specific training programs augmented by VR, others will simply provide people with immersive, interesting environments that they want to pedal through. And the interesting idea we’re touching on here is that those environments don’t necessarily have to be real. The beauty of VR is that it can essentially render any environment, which means we have just as much of a chance to wind up cycling through fictional or historical places as real routes and roads.

Taking this exciting idea into account, these are some of the places we can only imagine falling in love with via VR cycling programs….

The Great Wall of China

It’s a fanciful idea to cycle along the Great Wall even now, in person, though this is easier said than done. Even if you were able to set such a trip up, the Wall is not uniformly smooth and simple; several portions of it are actually quite treacherous, to say nothing of the occasional crowds along the top and other obstacles. In VR, however, and transported back in time, this could be a breathtaking cycling fantasy of sorts. Imagine instead of the modern tourist attraction, the Great Wall in all its former glory, at the height of its functional existence. The surroundings on all sides would be lush and inviting, the walkways would be populated not by tourists, but by silent sentinels (perhaps they’d wave or nod as you passed by), and you might glimpse a camp of marauding would-be invaders off in the distance now and then. On top of it all, the twists, turns, and ups and downs of the wall could make for a good simulated workout if a cycling machine could provide resistance accordingly.

The “New World”

We tend to think of the “New World” – the Americas in the Age of Exploration – as being full of untamed vegetation and wild lands. But where civilization was, it’s not as if there weren’t roads and paths. There’s actually some precedent for exploring areas like these in VR, albeit with a decidedly fictional tinge. “Gonzo’s Quest” is best known as a free game on the internet, enhancing a slot arcade with a rich theme of exploration in ancient Peru. The same game now exists in VR, and works such that as you play, you follow Gonzo deeper into ancient civilization and toward treasures and structures. The surroundings are what make the game unique though, and indicate that there’s interest in this general concept. A VR cycling app with a similar idea but a more realistic approach – such that you could cycle through jungles and ancient cities, and past members of the Incan, Aztec, or Mayan civilizations – could be an incredibly fun experience.

The Amber Road

The Great Wall is a fairly obvious choice for this discussion, and “New World” civilizations suggests vast areas to explore, with perhaps multiple roads and routes built into a single large program. But there are also specific roads from history that would make for fascinating VR cycling experiences, and while it’s difficult to choose from among them, the Amber Road might be one of the most interesting. Linking Russia with Italy, this was essentially a trade route by which amber was mined and traded between the Baltic region and the ancient civilizations near the Adriatic Sea. As with the two examples above, this would be made interesting not just by the route itself, but by the surroundings. You could essentially be cycling among the people from many centuries past, at least as we might imagine them, and get something approximating a realistic feel for what it might have been like to traverse such a route (but for the fact that you’ll have the benefit of a bicycle!).

The Silk Road

Dubbed the most famous trade route in the world in a fairly thorough write-up of ancient trade roads (and likely in a fair share of history textbooks as well), the Silk Road would be a different sort of option simply because it would have to be incredibly long. This would present a lot of challenges for a VR development team – perhaps like an “open world” video game in VR form – but done well, it could be endlessly fascinating. Essentially connecting China with the Roman Empire, the Silk Road stretched thousands of miles, meaning this experience could work with constant, saved progress. That is to say, you could start at one end or the other and cycle along such that every time you get back on your bike you begin where you last left off – ultimately seeing all sorts of beautiful lands, as well as people spanning much of the ancient world.

We could go on, but you get the idea, and in a way it’s fun to think up your own ideas and examples. Right now, it’s all fairly hypothetical – but it’s possible, and VR is only going to see more creativity moving forward. This is a general development we’d be all for.

EvergreenHealth 7 Hills of Kirkland

May 27 – Kirkland, WA

What does your summer riding season have in store for you?

Set the tone for a powerful season of strong riding with the EvergreenHealth 7 Hills of Kirkland – a hill climb challenge on gorgeous routes. Your legs will thank you all season long. There are several routes to choose from, each one of them guaranteed to make you feel victorious at the end.

This Memorial Day weekend, the cyclists will outnumber the cars on these hushed roads. Travel at your own pace through urban, suburban and rural roads. It’s a holiday weekend crafted for doing something special on your bike.


The Bikes of Wrath

April 2
Regal Fox Tower – Portland
Reserve tickets >

About the Film

Five Australians attempt to ride from Oklahoma to California in honor of the westward migration undertaken by the Joad family in “The Grapes of Wrath.”

Through chance encounters with everyday Americans, the cyclists expand on the novel’s core themes of migration, inequality and the perceived land of opportunity. The group explores whether America has progressed since the book was written, discussing the wealth gap, immigration and the American Dream.

The fascinating people they meet along the way reveal the enduring strength of human spirit despite the inequality and disenfranchisement which runs as deep today, as it did in Steinbeck’s seminal novel. The Bikes of Wrath is a unique, funny and insightful documentary filled with adventure, literature, music, and human connection.

The Bikes of Wrath trailer showed in Portland at Filmed by Bike 2017, and we’re thrilled the final film is finally here.

Learn more about this project on their website.

Watch the Trailer

Reserve Tickets Early

This is a show by demand, meaning it will only be shown if enough tickets are reserved in advance. The goal has almost been met, so they are well on their way. Purchase your tickets early to ensure the show is a success!



Sugar Wheel Works Joins Forces with Breadwinner Cycles

Exciting growth is happening in the bicycle industry as custom handbuilt wheel building company Sugar Wheel Works joins forces with award winning custom bike builders Breadwinner Cycles for streamlined service and expanded expert quality. Both companies are based in Portland, Oregon, with headquarters mere blocks from each other.

for streamlined service and expanded expert quality. Both companies are based in Portland, Oregon, with headquarters mere blocks from each other.

“Our partnership over the last 10 years made this a natural progression,” says Sugar Wheel Works founder Jude Gerace. “We have common core values with an emphasis on quality and customer service. We started our businesses around the same time and have been helping each other grow ever since.”

Nearly every Breadwinner Cycles bike that rolls out the door features Sugar Wheel Works wheels. The new partnership means increased cohesion for the customers as the companies already share a common customer base.

A Smart Move in a Challenging Industry

Nationwide the bicycle industry has faced significant financial challenges in the last few years, marked by the closing of countless retail bike shops. Both Breadwinner Cycles and Sugar Wheel Works have long recognized the need to continually develop creative approaches to business operations in order to remain sustainable without compromising the quality of their products.

Breadwinner Cycles owners Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan are no strangers to joining forces for efficiency and strength in a challenging industry. In 2013, the two builders merged their successful independent bike building companies Pereira Cycles and Ira Ryan Cycles to form Breadwinner Cycles.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces our long-time partners Sugar Wheel Works,” says Tony Pereira. “Sugar has been building wheels that match the quality of our bicycles since day one. Bringing them in-house will help us improve on the custom experience our riders expect.”

“I can not think about the bicycle industry in Portland without thinking about Sugar and Jude” says Ira Ryan. “We have a tight knit community that is like a family – we have grown our businesses side by side over the years. It feels natural to know that we trust each other with our ‘babies’ that we have spent years growing and fostering. I am proud to call Sugar and Jude family.”

Sugar Wheel Works is Unique

Sugar Wheel Works is one of only a handful of companies that specializes in manufacturing handbuilt bicycle wheels. Their customized process matches the design of the wheel to the customer’s riding style, budget and even aesthetic preferences. Typically a customer chooses to purchase a handbuilt wheelset instead of a machine built wheelset for the superior quality and ability to tailor individual features.

Celebrating 10 Years: What’s Next for Founder Jude Gerace?

Owner Jude Gerace founded Sugar Wheel Works in 2009 when she realized there was a lack of companies that focused on quality, sustainable bicycle wheels. After 10 years of working with engineers, keeping up on industry developments and creating a detailed quality control process for building fine handbuilt wheels, Jude is leaving the company.

Jude Gerace has worked hard to build Sugar Wheel Works to the internationally known quality brand it is today. She is proud of founding and growing the company and is confident her role in that process is now complete. As a person of varied skills and interests, Jude is ready for her next adventure.

In her newly developing advisory business, Jude will incubate and foster the growth of other small businesses.

Sugar Wheel Works will retain that name and operations will now be housed at the Breadwinner Cycles headquarters. Current wheel builders will remain on staff. Through a partnership with United Cerebral Palsy job placement and coaching program, Sugar Wheel Works created a specialized position to meet the skill set of Dan Waugh, a young man who was eager to find a job after high school. Breadwinner Cycles is thrilled keep Dan on staff.

Business operations will not be disrupted during this transition.


Breadwinner Cycles can be found online at

Sugar Wheel Works can be found online at

More information about Sugar Wheel Works’ support of Dan Waugh can be see in this video.

An overview of the difference between handbuilt wheels and machine built wheels can be found here.

To hear more about the transition from Jude Gerace, check out this excellent exclusive interview with

Gravel Bikes: What’s All the Hype?

For a few years ORbike has promoted gravel rides for your cycling adventures—from the Cycle Oregon’s Gravel to The Art of Survival Century There are endless opportunities to find your own adventure on unpaved roads in Oregon and a growing number of supported rides. So much so that ORbike declared 2018 “The Year of the Gravel Ride.”

With increases in road traffic, no lack of gravel backroad options throughout the state, and a new style of bike to take you there, 2019 is shaping up to be event better as people seek out quieter biking spaces.


What exactly is a gravel bike?

Depending on where you live (and which bike company’s marketing you’ve read), gravel or “adventure” bikes are one and the same. Designed for comfort, versatility and the ability to get further away from modern comforts, it’s a road bike that came back to its touring roots with some modern tweaks to make them even more versatile.

Over the past few decades, bike companies somewhat started to realize that average riders aren’t road racers. They’re customers wanted a road (or drop bar) bike that wasn’t designed for racing and could handle longer fitness rides with more comfort for the rider. Eventually these developed into “endurance” style bikes that were very similar to road bikes but with a more stable geometry and slightly more upright position.

Simultaneously, as endurance bikes became more popular, routes and races that were further afield also grew in popularity. Many included gravel, so bike companies (and inspired custom builders) took notice and started designing bikes that could take riders farther, longer with less fatigue.

The rise in bikepacking (camping by bike) has led to an entire series of bikes that are suitable for going off road and carrying gear.

Thus, the gravel/adventure bike was born.


How does a gravel bike differ from a cyclocross, endurance or touring bike?

Gravel bikes combine aspects of cyclocross, endurance and touring to create one new magnificent style of machine!

From the cyclocross bike, the gravel bike borrows wider tires which create greater stability on rough, loose, sandy, or dusty roads to keep you from skidding or sliding out. The governing body of international racing limits cyclocross tire width to 33mm, but only the frame or fenders limit the larger tire sizes of gravel bikes, which can boast over 48mm tires. Gravel bikes have wider frame spacing to accommodate those tires, as well as wheels that are stronger to take those lumps and bumps and are compatible with tubeless tire technology so you can ride lower tire pressures without worrying about pinch flats.

From endurance bikes, the gravel bike borrows newer road technologies of light suspensions built into the frames, seat posts and handlebars for a smoother ride quality, as well as a more upright and stable geometry.

From the touring bike, the gravel bike borrows room for fenders and extra frame bosses and eyelets (the places where you can attach water bottle cages or other gadgets) to help you be out farther, longer, in any kind of weather without needing to re-supply.

From all three, the gravel bike often borrows the dependability and superior braking power of disc brake technology, A few lower cost options come equipped with cantilever brakes traditionally found on classic touring or cyclocross bikes.

Essentially, the gravel bike takes the best from the most popular modern bicycle types and combines them into one, super versatile dream bike. Can you go for a long (or short) fitness ride on it? Check. Can you race a local cyclocross race on it? Check. Can you go for a multi-day tour on it? Check. Can you comfortably ride on or off pavement? Check. How about the kind of rides ORBike promotes, from extended, supported adventures to fun rides around town? Picture perfect for those, too.

Should you own a gravel bike? The answer is probably yes. N+1…

As you’re getting your body ready for a season of riding, consider a DEXA scan to track your progress.

So if you’re in the market for a new, do-it-all ride, gravel bikes are the way to ride— no matter how far or what the road is made of.


Tori Bortman is ORbike’s resident bike mechanic. She is also an educator, consultant and the owner of Gracie’s Wrench. Tori is the author of The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners published by Bicycling Magazine.



The Quietest Ride Around

It’s quiet here.

May 25+26 – Tulelake, CA

(Just outside of Klamath Falls)

The Art of Survival Century is a world away from the daily grid, the chaos, hum, buzz and cacophony of daily life. Out here, things are different. Roads are paved, some are gravel, and all of them snake through an otherworldly landscape with Lava Beds, petroglyphs and birdlife that calls this their favorite place to feel safe. Mt. Shasta watches over you at every turn.

Ride Options

DAY 1: Road or Mt. Bike
DAY 2: Gravel (30% gravel and amazing tucked-away routes)
DAY 3: Explore on your own

Three optional days, ride one day or two, explore as much as you want.

Make a Weekend of it!

This ride is the perfect Memorial Day weekend getaway! A little exploration, a little bike riding….

Nicely nestled near everything! Depending on where you’re coming from and where you’re going afterward, Tulelake is on the way to or from Bend, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe, Oakridge, Summer Lake Hot Springs, Ashland, Mt. Shasta and so much more.

Camping and Ride Family

We particularly love that this event provides on-site camping. That means you can roll out of bed and roll on over to the start line, which is a dream come true for those of us who like to sleep in as late as possible!

After the ride, groups gather under the the shade of the trees as they tell tales from the road, share beers and settle in to their home for the weekend.

This isn’t one of those events where hundreds of people descend upon a location and take over for the weekend. The Art of Survival Century is a small ride, where riders get to know each other. And things are quiet and camp.

It is really, truly, a lovely experience. Well worth the journey to this tucked-away location.

Petal Pedal: Willamette Valley Delights

June 22 – Silverton

A colorful journey through the vibrant Willamette Valley landscape

Ride over covered bridges and cruise along gentle country roads line with flowers in bloom as you explore rural Willamette Valley on this gorgeous ride.

With varying route distances, Petal Pedal offers a little of something for everyone, including a stunning (optional) climb up to Silver Falls. 

Voted #3 ORbike Best Bike Ride in Oregon


A GORGEous New Ride!

We’re so excited for the kickoff of this brand new ride!

Gorge Pedal
July 20
Cascade Locks

This gorgeous (GORGEous?) ride takes you on mostly off-road paths as you explore the Columbia River Gorge.

Perfect for all ages – there is even a family friendly 11-mile paved route.

The Columbia River Gorge is historic and majestic. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about this rich region from historians and volunteers as you soak in the striking view.

Don’t forget your camera or to keep your phone well charged – this day is going is going to be memorable.

This is the inaugural year for this stunning ride, and you’re going to want to be able to say you were there when it all started.




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