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Ride the Heart of the Valley

Corvallis means Heart of the Valley, a lush region with rivers, forests and wide open landscapes. We call this area PERFECT for bike exploration.

Head out for an early season leg stretch on the annual Ride the Heart of the Valley on April 29, a gorgeous ride based out of Corvallis that is connected to the Oregon State University School of Veterinary Medicine

About the Routes

With routes of 62, 30 and we miles, plus a fun 5k Dog Jog, it’s the perfect way to ease into the season. You’ll cruise along the Willamette River as you journey past William Finley Wildlife Refuge and through the quaint towns of Monroe and Harrisburg.

What’s Included

Registration includes snacks and drinks at rest stops, mechanical service provided before the ride, support during the ride, lunch and music during the after-party. Register in advance for a free water bottle!



This Ride is For the Bird(er)s

The Art of Survival Century on May 27 is a special ride experience.

Tucked away on the border of Oregon and California, the ride is an opportunity to ride through an otherworldly landscape teeming with birdlife.

New to century rides? This is the perfect event for you. With a maximum elevation of 2,800 feet, this is by far one of the flattest century rides around. The course is filled with adventure from lava beds to quiet towns, wild life refuges to powerful birds flittering alongside you as you ride.

A Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

The ride organizers know they’re far from the bright lights of the big city, that’s why they invite you to sink into the landscape and relax as you get away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life for a weekend of adventure in their natural playground. With Bend, Crater Lake, Mt. Shasta, Lassen National Park, Klamath Falls, Oakridge, and Summer Lake in the region and en route, you can pack your weekend with fun.

Ride Basics

ROUTES: 117, 100, 45, 16, MTB Route
LOCATION: Tulelake, CA, just outside of Kalamath Falls
LODGING: Regional lodging or free camping on site at the event (recommended) with hot showers.
BRING THE POOCH!: Enjoy a long weekend of adventure with your travel buddy. While you ride, inexpensive dog care nearby at Ranch Dog Resort in Merrill



COOL ROUTE: Boring? Hardly!

Length: 75 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 5767 ft
Highest Point: 1845 ft

From Rubber to the Road:
“In my experience, no matter where I ride in the area, it has been impossible to climb above the 1700 foot barrier save for Larch Mountain. I have countless times crested a climb, only to see 1650, 1630, 1680 on my GPS. Was this a design of the road engineers or a natural phenomenon of the local mountains? Either way, it’s been infuriating for me. So you can imagine my delight when I crested George Rd on the Boring? Hardly ride and saw 1845 ft proudly displayed on my GPS. This is the 2nd highest point of this series.

Boring was named for W.H. Boring, an early resident of the area. Locals have embraced the name and have a town sign reading, “Boring, the most exciting place to live”. I’ll leave that debate up to you, but I can attest that the riding in the area is nothing short of outstanding. Even getting there is incredible with roads such as Butler and Sunshine Valley.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at Eagle Fern Park. Signs do not indicate that the park closes in the winter. I have been through the area in December and was pleased to find that I could still stop in at the bathrooms and fill my bottles. After the long climb to the top of George Rd, there is still plenty of elevation left to gain, including the hills on Kitzmiller and Tickle Creek, with plenty of undulation in between. At nearly 6000 ft of gain in 75 miles, this ride may have you looking for real estate in Boring, rather than riding home.”


This route comes to us courtesy of Rubber to the Road, the longstanding resource for interesting rides.


Packs a Punch Smoothie

Sometimes when you’re headed out on a ride, it’s hard to get in a full breakfast before you hit the road… and give it enough time to settle. On days like this, a smoothie is an excellent choice. A variety with plenty of protein will keep you strong on the bike all day long. And, best of all, you can easily take your smoothie along for the ride in your water bottle.

If it’s a hot day, be sure to rinse your water bottle immediately after finishing the smoothie to avoid a mess.

Use a stainless steel water bottle for easier clean up. If you’re concerned about that little bit of extra weight, you’re crazy.

You can easily rinse out a stainless steel water bottle in a drinking fountain and transition it to be one of your water bottles for the rest of the day.

ORbike Packs a Punch Smoothie

Adjust ingredients to your taste or consistency preference.

1/4 cup almond or peanut butter (we prefer almond)
8 oz milk or milk alternative
1 cup greek yogurt – plain, coconut or vanilla
1 banana, preferably cut in pieces and frozen
1/4 cup pieced coconut – shredded or otheriwse (optional)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
If you’re a sweet treat person, add a tablespoon or two of honey

Blend until smooth. Continue to add milk alternative until you are pleased with the consistency.

What fuels your ride

What is the bike nutrition that keep you strong and healthy on your bike? Share your thoughts below!


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Ride the Cascades and Central Oregon

Imagine riding your bike through some of Oregon’s most gorgeous landscape without a care in the world – and without having to figure out all the pesky trip planning details.

The brand new Ride the Cascades and Central Oregon ride from BikeVentures Northwest promises just that. With years of route planning experience under their belt, they’ve crafted a ride that’s sure to delight. August 6-11, 2017.


About the Routes

Every day features route options you can can decide how big of a ride you want to tackle. The six days of cycling offer 206 miles to 292 total miles and 7,100 feet to 17,100 feet of elevation.

The journey begins in Estacada and winds along rushing rivers and through old growth forest as the ride takes you through Sweet Home, Westfir, Rainbow, McKenzie Pass, Sisters, Smith Rock and a gorgeous scenic loop in Madras.

Highlights include the gorgeous Aufderheide. This scenic route is a smooth ribbon of pavement that winds under a delicate tree canopy along Cougar Reservoir. You can easily go miles without seen more than one car and the quite surrounding is stunning.



The Relaxed Experience

Transportation, meals and lodging are included in the package so all you need to do is pedal your bike and soak in the landscape.

The nightly stays have been selected for their relaxed atmosphere and serene setting, such as the gorgeous Breitenbush resort tucked in the woods with natural hot springs. You’ll also spend the night at the Westfir Lodge, a remote B&B across from the Red Covered Bridge in Westfir. This spot is popular with mt. bikers who flock to the Oakridge region for incredible trails and the lush surrounding of the Willamette National Forest. Proprietor Dawn Hendrix knows exactly how to cater to bike tourists in her charming and welcoming inn.

The ride organizers believe the best way to unwind after a rewarding day in the saddle is to sit in the company of good friends while enjoying delicious food in a cozy setting and they’ve gone the extra mile to ensure this ride has it all.



August 6-11, 2017
Six days of riding
206 miles to 292 total miles
7,100 feet to 17,100 feet of elevation

PRO TIP: The ride will fill up fast, so register this month to ensure you get in.



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