Oregon Has a New Mt. Bike Trail System!

Whiskey Run Grand Opening | June 9 – Southern Oregon Coast

There’s a brand new trail system in Oregon on the Southern Oregon Coast near Coos Bay!

Ribbons of clay dirt flow and wind through the Coos County Forest in these cross-country style trails. Moderate climbing and fun descending make this system worth the drive to the gorgeous Southern Oregon Coast. The trail system is located about 10 minutes from Bandon or Coos Bay off Highway 101, in the mists of the coastal forest.

The Whiskey Run Bike Festival celebrates these new mt. bike trails with an event featuring guided ride. The trails we extremely well suited to brand new riders and kiddos, as well as experienced speed demons.

After riding the trails on opening day, the celebration continues at Bandon Brewing with a huge party and a chance to meet other riders and trail lovers as you soak in this momentous occasion.


Pedal Pedal is for Everyone

Petal Pedal | June 23 – Silverton

Do you have those friends who love to go fast, climb hills and ride all day long?

Do you have those friends who are new to riding and are curious (and maybe nervous) about riding more than 10 miles?

It may sound too good to be true, but we have the perfect ride for you. We’re huge fans of Petal Pedal, a gorgeous ride that takes place in the Willamette Valley every June.

About the Routes

30, 50, 70, 100 miles.  Those are your options.

Which one should you select? Well, we certainly recommend you select the 100 if you want some climbing and the “full experience” as it includes a gorgeous climb up to Silver Falls State Park, home to striking waterfalls.

All of the routes are stunning and serene as they traverse low-traffic farm roads. You’ll go miles without seeing a car. You’ll probably even see more tractors than cars for most of the time.

The 30 mile route is very approachable. Combined with the top-notch support Petal Pedal offers its riders, this is a fantastic way for someone new to riding to get started on a distance ride.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these routes. This is one of the best rides out there.

Here’s the bonus! The way the courses are laid out is rather ingenious: you may switch your route at any time! If you’re feeling stronger, go bigger. If you’re not feeling up to a big ride, dial it back a notch! The only aspect to be aware of is that each course has support designed to be in place during the time it would take both a fast and a relaxed ride to complete that course. If you pop onto a course early or late, that support may not be as robust.

Enjoy the Ride!

Whichever course you choose, enjoy the ride! Cruise past blooming fields of flowers, breath in the country air and relax with hundreds of your new best riding buddies. Pedal Petal is for everyone!

More Info

You can find out more about the ride on their website.

PRO TIP: Save $5 when you use code ORBIKE-EBA18 during online registration.

Crater Lake – Car Free!

Ride the Rim | September 8 and 15 – Crater Lake and Klamath Falls Region

Ride the Rim is a spectacular opportunity to ride Crater Lake the best way possible – without cars! This gorgeous natural wonder is absolutely stunning, and riding the rim without the chaos of cars is a very special experience.

Oh, but you won’t be alone! Named the 9th Best Bike Ride in Oregon in the ORbike Riders’ Poll, this is certainly a favorite ride among many people. The two car-free days attract huge crowds of friendly cyclists at the free event,.

Mark your calendar early and carve out some time for this awesome event. You have two weekends to choose from: September 9th and September 16th

RIDE TIMES: 8am to 6pm, East Rim Drive will be closed to all vehicular traffic. The East Rim can take roughly four hours to complete, give or take a hour based on individual experience levels. Please plan accordingly.

NO RIDE FEE! FREE Registration (Park Admission Fees still apply-$15)

RIDE PROFILE: Approximately 25 miles with 3,500 feet of elevation gain.

RIDE SUPPORT: 5 rest stops

Bike Pump
Friendly People
Waste Receptacles
Basic First Aid Kit
Basic Bike Repair Tools
Encouragement & Support
Hydration (bring refillable bottles)

NOTE: There is no support vehicle on this free ride.

PARKING: Vehicle Parking is located at the Steel Visitor Center/Park HQ (larger parking lot) and North Junction

SHUTTLE SERVICE: A FREE Shuttle Service picks up at the Steel Visitor Center/Park HQ and North Junction. The Shuttle travels both directions for the duration of the ride and has limited space each trip – only about 50 spaces.

BIKE VALET: Ride the Rim offers a free bike valet at the North Junction and Park HQ while you fetch your car in the opposite parking lot using the FREE Shuttle Service.

New this year!

The city of Klamath Falls loves supporting cyclists. That’s why this year they’re hosting a fun party after the ride, located in downtown Klamath Falls. After a rewarding day of riding, the after party and dinner is where all the riders will be hanging out. Don’t miss it!




Slip Away to Canada – Washington – Idaho (WACANID)

WACANID | September 10-15 – Washington, Canada, Idaho

Simultaneously striking and unforgettable, the International Selkirk Loop is a stunning adventure. WACANID takes you on a six-day journey to traverse 370 miles of spectacular scenery – majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, rivers and North America’s longest free ferry ride.

It’s such a thrill to ride through two states and two countries on this exciting ride. The support is top notch and the other riders are friendly. WACANID is your chance to truly get away from it all on a ride you’ll remember for life.

  • Designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation as one of the “Top 10 Scenic Destinations in the Northern Rockies”
  • Named “Best of the Roads” by Rand McNally Road Atlas
  • Named the “West’s Best Scenic Drive” by Sunset Magazine

The weather is mild, the traffic is light and most of the ride occurs on secondary highways whenever possible. You may not see a car for miles and miles as you pass through friendly communities. If you’re looking for a new ride this year,
we think we’ve got just the one.


Photo Gallery

7 Tips for Getting Ride Ready

If you’re prepping for a big ride this summer, like perhaps one of the multi-day ride experiences presented by the ride experts at Cycle Oregon, a little organization goes a long way.

Here are a few of our top tips to ensure you’re ready with the big event comes.

1) Start riding now

We all say we’re going to train, but too often life gets in the way. Don’t let life get in the way! Make plans now with some friends. The accountability of planning with others works wonders. If you’re a regular distance riders, just a few good days on the bike will be all it takes to limber your legs in time for the ride.

2) Gather your posse

Supported rides are an excellent way to meet new riding buddies so if you don’t already have a posse, that’s okay! Rides around here are absolutely stuffed with awesome, friendly people.

But if you DO have friends who love to ride, bring them out for the event! It’s so fun to share the ride with friends.

3) Get your bike tuned up well in advance

Bike shops are busy in the summer. Bring your bike into your favorite shop at least three weeks prior to the ride to ensure there is plenty of time for basic maintenance and any special parts that might need to be ordered. The ride is so much sweeter on a well tuned ride!

4) Be confident: You’ve got this!

If you love riding your bike you’ll do well out there! Be confident in your legs and get OUT of your head. Endurance is all about the brain telling us we can or can’t keep going. What’s your brain going to tell you this season? We can’t answer that for you, but we can tell you “You Got This!”

5) Start eating well

Fuel your body for an awesome ride! It definitely pays to eat well the week prior to the ride, with heavy doses of protein, vegetable for nutrients and plenty of water. Try to incorporate healthy eating into your season to give yourself a stronger ride potential. It is amazing how much of a difference food can make.

6) Reward yourself!

If you’re riding hard, training and focusing on improving your rides, that’s awesome! Reward yourself with healthy and even not-so-healthy treats. A relaxing moment with a yummy treat to celebrate a job well done will help get you psyched for the next adventure. Positive rewards work!

7) Need a new ride idea?

Our calendar lists all sorts of rides happening all summer long.

The season of riding is NOW and Cycle Oregon offers some of the best support possible. You have enough to worry about in your daily life; let Cycle Oregon take care of your bike vacation details for you.

JOY RIDE | June 9
Wine Country. This one’s for the ladies (sorry, fellas, if you really want to be there you can volunteer at the event).

WEEKENDER | July 13-15
BEST WEEKEND EVAH! A weekend of daytime biking and nightly fun with on-site lodging and camping options.

CLASSIC | September 8-15
Stoic peaks frame the impossibly deep canyons of Eastern Oregon on this stunning ride. Bonus: The ride lands in Pendleton just in time for the Pendleton Roundup!

GRAVEL | October 5-7
This brand new two-day gravel fest takes you down the hidden roads less traveled to the west of Portland in the Tillamook State Forest.



Mt. Bike Oregon = Paradise for Dirt Lovers

MT. BIKE OREGON | July 20-22 and August 17-19 – Oakridge

Sleep Away Camp for Dirt Loving Adults!

Mt. Bike Oregon is a mountain biker’s dream come true. The event takes place at the epicenter of some of the world’s best mt. bike trails. Riders come from all over the world to ride their hearts out for three very full days.

The event features on-site camping, shuttled rides, clinics, free demo bikes, a FREE Drinking Garden under the starry night sky, breakfast, lunch, snacks and so much more – all included with the cost of entry.

Mt. Bike Oregon is all about fostering the stoke of the trail and building community. The 14-year-old event is well known for the supportive atmosphere, friendly riders and top notch setting. This is a particularly awesome event for women coming alone or in groups as there are women-specific rides and a chill vibe.

Non-riding guests are most welcome at the event and they get full access to just about everything other than the shuttles Camp, chill out by the river, fly fish, kayak, hike and explore this outdoor playground nestled between Bend and Eugene.

Watch the Video


More Info

All inclusive.

Camping on site.

For intermediate or advanced riders.


Tour des Chutes

Tour des Chutes | July 9 – Bend

Clear Skies and Striking Mountain Views

With wide open sunny skies and mountains ever-present on the horizon, the landscape of Central Oregon is strikingly gorgeous and ready for bicycle exploration.

Tour des Chutes is an annual journey along low traffic country roads passing large farm and ranch land with beautiful views of Cascade Peaks and Smith Rock. The terrain offers stunning high desert scenery, a few climbs, plenty of rolling terrain and sidebar entertainment as it stops at an Alpaca ranch.

Everyone wants an excuse to spend the weekend in Bend, and we think Tour des Chutes is the perfect one.


Ride McKenzie Pass – CAR FREE!

CREST THE CASCADES | June 16 – Sisters

McKenzie Pass is of the most scenic areas in Oregon, but the road is only open three months of the year. The narrow, winding pass climbs up and over a moon-like terrain covered in lava rock with 360 degree striking mountain views. It’s the kind of ride that reminds you of your place in the world – that we are just one small part of an incredible natural wonder that is vast. And intriguing. And gorgeous.

The climb is challenging, and on-so-rewarding. There is a quiet out there you won’t find many other places; the slight whir of your tires on pavement, a bird in the distance, the wind gently moving through the trees. It’s you and your bike – slow and steady as you climb the manageable grade.

Crest the Cascades (formerly the Ride for Two Rivers) is your opportunity to ride McKenzie Pass car free – the very best way to experience this magical region.


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Escape the Crowds on Survival Century

  • Great routes
  • A free weekend
  • A new region to explore
  • A destination location
  • Route distances and elevation
  • Friendly + plentiful support

These days, there are so many great rides to choose from. How do you pick? The Art of Survival Century on May 26+27 is a ride that ticks all the right boxes.

So just what makes this ride so special?

Tucked Away Where People Are Nice

For one, it’s tucked away. We mean really tucked away. Located outside of Klamath Falls on the border of Oregon and California, the ride is a hidden gem. You’ll go miles without seeing a car, and when they do come by they give cyclists a wide berth. We asked one of the rest stop volunteers about this last year and he said that’s nothing special, “That’s just how the drivers are here.” Out in the country. Where people are nice.

Our Ride Experience

We ride this event every year and can’t say enough good things about it. Rest stops feature homemade granola bars, the volunteers are outstanding, the routes are serene and the birdlife is extraordinary. The region is wildlife refuge and bird sanctuary. Driving there in the early evening prior to the ride, a sea of birds dove all around our car along a four mile stretch we had all to ourselves – and the birds.

We camped on site at the fairgounds, and were treated to a restful sleep, hot showers and few other campers. Best of all there was no charge and we were just steps from the start line.

A Ride You Can’t Forget

This is one of those rides you simply can’t forget. Make a weekend of it, take the time to get there, and plan to explore after the ride.

Ride Details

The Art of Survival Century was named the Fifth Best Bike Ride in Oregon in ORbike’s riders’ poll and it’s no wonder why.

New this year, there is an optional gravel ride on day two!


Celebrate the Rose City by Bike!

PORTLAND CENTURY | August 19 – Mt. Hood Community College

Celebrate Portland on the city’s signature ride, Portland Century!

Fall in love with Portland all over again as you pedal your cares away for a rewarding day.  This ride is all about the Rose City of Bikes.

Consider we are such an amazing city for bikes, it’s not surprising that this ride really goes the extra mile for riders, especially this year. The ride is under new event management and the new organizers are well known for their keen attention to detail – ensuring riders have a spectacular time every pedal stroke of the way. We’re excited to see a fresh burst of energy being injected into this beloved event.

PRO TIP: Use code “ORBIKE-EBA18” during online registration to save $5!



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