Before Summer is Over

What. A. Summer!

With high temps and plenty of sun, this has been an extremely rewarding summer to be outside adventuring by bike.

But, quickly, before summer is over (I’m pretty sure we have a good few weeks left, despite what the calendar says), what Oregon summertime must-do bike fun is still on your list?

We asked, this is what you said:

Learn how to wheelie…..before it’s too late!

Bike picnic on the bluff in #PDX, Willamette Blvd. S of Going.

Ride to and around Mt. Hood!

Buy a rain jacket.

Ride the historic columbia gorge highway to Cascade Locks for beer at Thunder Island Brewing Company!

I’d like to ride a bike into at least ONE river!

Dutch canyon is on my list! Anyone? Anyone?

Ride around Waldo lake…

Get my neighbor on a bike.

Larch Mtn. then fried chicken at the Corbett Market

Blackrock, Raven’s Ridge, Crawfish…

I would love to do Waldo!!! And Dutch Canyon is a great fall trip. However, I might be riding to San Diego from Portland soon!?!?

A long ride with my kids.

Make a bike movie.

Bike! Drink! Bike!

Timponagas, Cowhorn to Sawtooth and down the Middle fork Willamette river trail! 50 miles of Awesome!!!

Ride around Crater Lake. I hear it’s a “no cars” weekend coming up.

Yeah– ride the rim road at Crater Lake on Saturday September 27…cause it’s my birthday.

We are going to McKenzie River sometime soon…

How about you?

How are you spending the remaining sunny days of biking bliss before months of rain set in? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Before Summer is Over”

  1. I have yet to get my friends on bikes – we’re going to do a big picnic and beers ride this weekend. It will be a challenge for some of them – 10 miles – who never ride. but I’ve planned a calm route on sidestreets so I hope they love it as much as I always do.

  2. Okay, I am NOT going to wheelie like that other guy, but I am going on my first overnighter trip to Champoeg park by bike with my friends.

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